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Spot on, Justin. The hurdles imposed by Legal I find are far greater than a social media-doubting C. I've had companies approach me to develop their in-house "policy." My approach is simple and straightforward, therefore accessible to the employee base. So far, anyway, by the time Legal is finished with their red ink, the document grows from 1-2 pages to 12. And mass adoption by employees never materializes. Legal should have an opinion, but a realistic assessment of the full landscape should prevail.

2 years, 2 months ago on Key takeaway from the Applebee's uproar


Your post is largely spot on for me with a few minor exceptions.

I will send a request to connect on LinkedIn to the interesting people I just met in a meeting before I turn my key in the parking lot. I manage too many Twitter accounts these days for clients to spend much time on my own presence. Once a month I may add new people to my Twitter lists.


Facebook is a weird bird for me. I've met ~85% of my friends before connecting with them on FB. I've also connected with high-profile strangers -- local news people or national social media personalities -- there and have developed relationships with them based in part on letting them see behind the curtain of my privacy controls. FB is both my private(ish) place and the place where I am most active personally.From a business perspective, I will stalk your LI profile for sure. I will likely follow your company there too. Depending on the connection I feel with you personally, I might let you into my Facebook world, but I will likely follow your company and add your company updates to one of my Interests lists.


Instagram? I haven't figured out how to justify me spending any time there just yet. None of my clients are b2c and are therefore not terribly visual in what they offer.


FourSquare? I keep that largely locked down to close friends, but occasionally share on my public Twitter account. My house is two blocks from a police station and the alarm system functions well. I really don't spend any time there other than to let friends know where I am and to maintain my "mayorship" of select restaurants. I certainly have no interest in stalking friends, clients or new business contacts on FourSquare.


Interesting topic. I'm eager to read through the comments of others. Individual nuances to questions like this intrigue me. Thanks for writing.

2 years, 3 months ago on What is Your Professional Social Stalking Protocol?