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I agree with Jason below- things are changing and so is content doubt about it.


I spent several years as one of the SEO leads at Business Wire and for a while there was no better way to boost organic SEO than press releases. All that changed with Panda and Google basically shutting down the content farms overnight.


My recommendation is to focus on the true, targeted content created and distribution- via YOUR OWN channels whether it's a blog, or social media sites.


Newswires still have value but you have write the press release for the reader, not for the search robot. This means you have to provide quality content and quality links so that user clicks on them they will enjoy what you've shared with them- not because Google will reward you for it.


Tell a good story first.


If you write and distribute crap you are never going to get to the top of google anyway right>? 





2 years, 1 month ago on Do News Releases Have SEO Value When Distributed Via a Wire?


"Social Beyond Marketing" - let's dissect explain that "social" SHOULD permeate everything- all departments, all employees. Does it? No, but it's getting there.


If all employees used twitter or google+ or facebook or linkedin the way perhaps they use email or IM, is that "social business"? No, it's business. It's the HR dept, the PR dept, the sales dept AND the communications dept. communicating with customers. The medium is the message kinda deal.


P.S. I'm gonna start calling it "social email". (shout out to Livefyre)

2 years, 3 months ago on Is Social Business a Buzzword or is There More to it?


The "social" prefix needs to go. As Jim Stengel, former CMO of P&G said, "This will be the year of The Drop. We will drop social from social media as all media is social."


"Social" as a term has permeated EVERYTHING, but social media is just media, social search is the new search, social tv= TV and Social Business, well- it's just Business. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Is Social Business a Buzzword or is There More to it?