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Butch, you and all your friends need to join AmericaAgain!, and keep your own communities free.  Because boy howdy, if we Texans came up there we wouldn't last two days around all you Yankees!  ;o)  


Seriously, upstate New York's as beautiful as anyplace on earth.  You folks can take back every liberty you've lost since Lincoln shut down the sovereign States and hijacked the Constitution and tule of law.  But it's going to take time and work.


Are you up for it?  Then let's roll.  See our two minute video:

2 years, 2 months ago on Tenther News 01-07-13: Nullification bills introdu...


Yes, since we were an independent republic before already, we Texans -- we natives, anyway -- remember how to live free.  Too many damned Californians moving in now; they'll try to get freebies and regulations like they had back home in Chinafornia.


As to these new state nullification actions: because this is a federal matter (violations of the Second Amendment), the federal actor can be stopped -- for maybe 24 hours -- but not indicted, tried, or convicted.  They file for Removal Jurisdiction in federal court, and will receive it immediately.  The federal courts (which exist and operate at Congress' pleasure) will spring the federal goon every time.  The federal action against the Texas or Missouri resident might be foiled, but you won't teach the perp a real lesson.


At AmericaAgain! we're taking a more methodical, long-term approach to the arrogations of Congress and corrupt presidents over the past 150 years.  The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine(TM) will allow citizens to get INTRASTATE* criminal indictments of members of Congress -- the BIG fish that have been violating the Constitution with utter impunity for five generations.


*Both defendant and all plaintiffs will be from the same State, and the criminal counts will be on State Penal Code violations, over which no federal court -- SCOTUS included -- has original or appellate jurisdiction.


Nullification is a fine expedient for now, though; let the State legislatures show some spine, at long last.  But until We The People are recruited, educated, equipped, and tactically organized for direct sovereign action, we will not reverse 150 years of arrogations by our federal servant.


2 years, 2 months ago on Tenther News 01-07-13: Nullification bills introdu...