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I was new to Minnesota and it was the dead of winter.  We'd been in the -0F and colder range for a couple of weeks.  I was heading home with a date (he was driving) and as we crossed the Mississippi River, I looked down and loudly exclaimed "There's water  in the river!' in all seriousness.

My date started laughing and I realized what I had said.  It was just downstream of the two lock and dams in downtown Minneapolis, so the river was agitated enough that it doesn't freeze.  I was fully expecting a frozen river...not rolling steaming water.

It took *years* to live down "there's water in the river!" which was especially embarrassing being a meteorology/geology major!

1 year, 6 months ago on Even the Awesomest People Do the Stupidest (and Funniest) Things


Winona, MN?!  Wow.  Now *that* is a sprawling metropolis!

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