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Anecdotal evidence being useful or not, but we were able to move up to us 69 -25 this tier without having to use alts. Maybe that's having to do with having 3 pally's for thok, but it is possible and we didn't run a massive roster, but the biggest thing we did this tier was not be afraid to have a large enough roster to keep progressing each week. 

9 months ago on Is It Time to Level Up the Guild?


Grats on the kill! Glad some of the advice helped.

I almost had forgotten about the 300 food debate. I'll probably re-encourage people to try and keep a stack in their bag for when things get really tight. Most things have been more execution for us recently then dps.

Windlord really isn't bad at all, but we have 2 shd priests and a disc priest making the CC 3 amber shaper strat work well. If people can avoid windbombs, Keep CC up, it should be one of the easiest fights outside of overgearing MSV heroics.

2 years, 2 months ago on The 300 Stat Food Question


On blade lord:

Not sure how many pallys you run, but have them spec for double BoPs. BoP either before the unseen or if you're too often getting double windsteps, BoP one or two of the targets before unseen. EVERYONE must get hit by unseen. Not sure how you stack, but we basically all stack on the tanks. EXACTLY on the tank, a yard or two off can mean half the raid doesn't get hit. Person with unseen should actually be slightly in front of the tank to make sure the cone hits everyone. 

After last windstep goes out everyone must make sure they are in range to get stacked on the tank if picked with unseen (keeping in mind it will freeze you a few secs before unseen hits). There is still 1 tornado that will go out, so range should be close, they can be within range of another player, just not in melee range or not where a tornado will be a problem for the raid (i.e ahead of the kite path).

Person with windstep going into unseen must insure they can be at full health when unseen hits or don't stack. I.e big cool down + trigger finger on HS. Hit a HS right after unseen. All healers should be spamming them when stacking and hit them with an instant heal after unseen. No one is taking any damage, but them and the tanks after the hit, no rush to get the raid up. Don't be afraid to toss an external CD on them during unseen.

Try to CD each unseen with something if possible. At least last 3-4. Rallying Cry, Barrier, Spirit Link all work well. I don't think demo banner does and hit is physical so AM doesn't either. Also make sure priest/shm are keep the health buff they provide on people.

Spirit shell each unseen and pallys shields on everyone is very valuable.

2 years, 3 months ago on 5.2: Returning to Wrath level Shield spam?