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You people sound like idiots, Big XII after 2014 will be ranking in $30-$35 million per team.  WVU will be seeing that type of money in 4-5 years, if you add teams that don't bring value to the league (Louisville) then that money per team gets diluted.  In the SEC while you might make a big TV contract deal, you have 14 teams in a lot of small market areas.  Big XII is thinking $$$$$

2 years ago on The Big XII, WVU Marriage Already Providing Some Expansion Lessons


1st off, Texas Tech has been in the top 25 in recruiting the past two years.  One thing Tuberville did well is recruit to Lubbock.  I think you heavily underestimate kids in Texas that go to Texas Tech.  Its much more sought after than TCU and no doubt Baylor and depending where you live A&M as well.


Texas Tech hasnt had problems recruiting for almost 5 or 6 years now, this year the class will be a little light but thats okay, Tech will have a huge class next year with a great amount of talent.


I think you should do a little more research next time vs voicing a flat out opinion

2 years, 3 months ago on Grading the Coaching Hires: Kliff Kingsbury and Texas Tech