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@Iain Scott @jamesdavisnicoll @Neowolf2 I'd be interested in a survey of the category "trilogies that change wildly in the last book".

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@jamesdavisnicoll @Neowolf2 The original.  I have the Kindle version on my reader right now, but I haven't read it yet.

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I found the third book the weakest of the three, unfortunately.

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The casual friends guild I was raiding with threw in the towel, so I lost all interest in completing the expansion.  No point continuing the legendary chain if I'm dropping my sub, so I stopped running even LFR for the BRF items.   Sub expires in three days.

As far as story goes: I was doing the chain purely for the reward.  The story (and all the story of this expansion, really) was of very little value, and certainly didn't do anything to keep me around.

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@beelgers @borghive You have to be careful counting guilds on wowprogress, since they are now tracking CN guilds too.

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I'm done with the whole expansion, not just LFR.   The presence of LFR has done nothing to make the expansion attractive to me.

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"Sagan’s numbers in this seem oddly … off. He gives the power output of the Earth as between 10^15 to 10^16 watts; he seems to mean artificial power. Surely that’s too high?"

Insolation on Earth is about 10^17 watts.  Perhaps he means the maximum power that a society could produce on an earth-like planet without lethal direct thermal pollution.

There is also a more recent upper bound on astroengineering using WISE (result: at most 1 galaxy in 100,000 in our part of the universe has a Kardashev Type-III civilization.)

One of the authors of that should be well-known to old Usenet users.

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I have to disagree that "now is a fine time to jump in".   Warlords has a rather competitive end game, and if you jump in now you're going to be way behind the gear curve, in both PvE and PvP.


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Is there a way you can put a link to Amazon in for each book you review so that you'd get a cut of any sales?

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Given that there are two comic book stores in Algonquin, I have to wonder if the market can support so many. Having said that, it would be nice to have an accessible, comfortable store in the area.

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The books are also now available on the Kindle platform.

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This book actually sounds interesting and of value.  Maybe I'm just not into rose-colored history now.

Aside: it would have greatly improved the verisimilitude of the story if Picts had been included since, as we all know, without them the alternative is that it didn't happen.

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@mattuzzi @Axxeli The bartender at the inn in the dwarven district in SW sells those.

Also, you can fish up Golden Carp and make the consomme yourself.

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