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In my case my rice cookers thermal fuse was fine - the DIODES in the the wires that lead to the light bulbs were in need of replacement. How did i know? 1) I tested the thermal fuse as this web page suggested. The continuity test for all wires came back with a beep including the cord that plugs into the wall outlet. 2) i tested each wire length individually and the only 2 that did not beep were wires that lead to the light bulbs (that light up the "cooking" , "warm" or "done" indicator lights). 3) I noticed that the 2 sheathed wires that had not continuity had strange bumps along their lengths. I cut the sheaths off and the "bumps" turned out to be diodes (diodes cost pennies to replace) 4. I tested for continuity along the wire both before the diode (BEEP!) and after the diode (NO BEEP!).


I'll be replacing the diodes to make sure that this indeed is the problem but the internal mechanisms in a rice cooker are surprisingly simple (even for me who is an beginner when it comes to electronics at best). There are only so many things that can break or wear out. I'm confident that this is the  cause. I ran a continuity test on other diodes i have (for another project) and they beeped so i'm 99% sure this is the problem .


Thank you for this page! I hope that my information helps others as your information helped me :)

2 years, 3 months ago on How I Fixed My Broken Rice Cooker: The Complete Illustrated Instructions