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He's already called Saban and apologized. FYI: Nicky Satan was Adam Sandler's character in Little Nicky. People have no sense of humor anymore.

2 years, 2 months ago on VU's Franklin Vows To Outwork "Nicky Satan"


This speaks volumes about the job James Franklin and Hugh Freeze did. They had no players projected to go high in the draft and still put together solid season.

2 years, 3 months ago on SEC Early Entrants 2013


ESPN shows cheerleaders all the time. They made sure to show Ms. Alabama every time McCarron thew a pass. Now they act offend for this??? Musburger knows how one little slip of the tongue can cost someone he was at CBS when Jimmy the Greek was fired. Funny thing is he's not Marv Albert.

2 years, 3 months ago on Musburger Seems To Take A Shot At Comment-Gate Silliness


Anyone else think Mizzou starts courting the Big 10 in five years?

2 years, 3 months ago on Big Bang Theories: The Countdown To Super-Conferences (Part 4)