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Yea I don't get it. No big men on the team, let alone very few in the league, can score the way he does. He doesn't have tremendous size or power but he's got the skills and finesse to make him a powerhouse in the post... we don't even need to bring up his mid-range jumpers. His defense and rebounding are sub-par but not bad enough to keep him off the court. I would think the Magic would realize it's best for the team this year, and years to come, if he starts getting as much playing time as soon as possible. You can tell he is still in the transition phase and still getting acclimated to the league. More minutes equals more output. I'm not one to give praise to stats either. However its clear when watching, that the team is better when he is in. Those numbers just verify the obvious. So I guess it does raise the question... I'f you really wanna win, why not put Nicholson in?

2 years, 3 months ago on Andrew Nicholson, the Magic’s identity, and tanking