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What I find most interesting about this piece is the total dismissal of Dee Gordon as a candidate. Is he really that terrible/ill-prepared? Yes, his overall stats sucked last year and his fielding (throwing) was pretty atrocious. But I seem to recall he was actually starting to show signs of life last year until he hurt himself with that ill-advised headfirst slide into third base. And he got off to a decent start in winter ball this year.


The upside of a halfway decent Dee Gordon in the lead-off spot would be tremendous. The rest of the lineup sets up nicely. Plus, it moves Hanley to third where he is less of a defensive liability and strengthens the bench with Cruz.. Unless he is a downright disaster in spring training, I say put Gordon in the lead-off spot and give him a month. Is this out of the question?

2 years, 3 months ago on I Guess Someone Has To Hit Leadoff, Don’t They?