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The main problem with this list is that video game stories don't make good movie stories. The worlds created can be cross media, stories for games are written very differently because they're interactive. The Bioshock movie, which I read just a couple of months ago was still in the minds of both Irrational and Hollywood, is/was to be about the creation of Rapture, leading up to the events of the first game, pretty much the story of the book "Rapture". Far Cry 3 and The Line wouldn't work, great game stories, but there's not enough of a story to a decent movie out of... Maybe a mindless summer "Blockbuster" for whatever they're worth, but not a great movie. Mass Effect, I do agree, but again not the game's story. They've created a vibrant universe (literally, a universe!) full of new races and characters and locations... Personally, I'd rather see a TV series; I still need the hole that Stargate's cancellation left filling...

2 years, 2 months ago on Five Games I Wish They Would Make Into Movies.


There is no other game that I have completed more than Fallout 3, I shall never grow old of re-re-re-re-exploring the Washington wastes!

I loved Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel on the PS2, after completing the Balder's Gate and Champion's of Norrath games it was the only other similar RPG we could find to play together!


On a tangent, I do wish you'd switch your comments over to Disqus, you're the only site I know that uses this livefyre...

2 years, 3 months ago on Fallout Series Retro-Spective – Fallout 3