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@Nichols6thSens @Sandysensfan Top six depth...Turris, Ryan, MacArthur, Michalek make four, Zibanejad is close and moves into that group sometime this year, possibly to start the year, as well as Stone, who I believe to be NHL top six ready now. Chiasson may be close, he did have some top six time in Dallas last year, and Legwand can sub in at center in the top six for brief stretches. That's eight, enough for spot duties and minor injuries. Any major injuries and one of Hoffman, Prince, or Puempel may have to be tested with tough minutes if the eight are lacking. Injuries happen and they don't happen. Cross that bridge when it happens. Can't have NHL top six calibre players just hanging around just in case...

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Was Orpik injured on this play? He seemed to go down pretty hard.

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Lots of issues right now. Greening is not skating hard, not hitting hard. Michalek is leaving the def zone way too early, or floating waiting for his chance to leave the zone. Hint Michalek, if you're standing on the off blue line waiting for the puck to catch up, you left too soon. Turris needs to be taught defenceman fundamentals if he's going to play point on the PP. That SH goal people said Karlsson was lazy backchecking? Where was Turris? Neil needs to relax and play his game, controlled agitation/aggression. Defencemen, relax, jeez, don't panic. I'm beginning to think they are holding the puck too long now, and rushing when they get fore checked. Hockey is a game of mistakes, and capitalizing on them. The biggest problem (on offence) is there is too big of a drop off from the top two lines to the bottom lines. Take the top 6 and make 3 pairings, and add a complimentary player to each line. Pair Michalek and Zibanejad, speed and skill, and add another speedy winger. Biggest problem (on defence) is that they are short a right handed shutdown defenceman (ZMichalek?) to partner with Wiercioch, and there's no room for Cowen or Phillips anymore if the team acquires one. Corvo is a one year acquisition, Gryba is depth, Borowiecki is depth.



Cowen or Phillips/Corvo or Gryba

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Numbers are fun. Bobby Ryan has 7 SOG in his first two games. Over an 82 game season that is 287 SOG. With his career shooting percentage of 14%, that is 40 goals. Yes, Bobby Ryan is currently on pace for 40 goals and a career year.

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Great idea for a slot machine game.

Also, too bad you didn't mention the home and away jerseys.

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Never met him, but he seems to be a very likable guy. One of the few reporters that I trust in what he is reporting.

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OMG! I actually laughed out loud on the E.T. pic, alol (actually laugh out loud)

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But is Ottawa rated higher than Detroit? This year's success will be defined with how Ottawa does in contrast to how Detroit does. If Ottawa wins the Stanley Cup, it will be said, they won the cup AND were better than Detroit.

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Well said, short and concise. I've been debating this the wrong way, about why some players should not be captain, and you have stated the exact reasons for. Well done.

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Lehner played in 8 games. If a forward or defenseman dressed but never played he would not be creditted with a game played either. In baseball, relievers dress every day, even warm up, but they are not creditted with a game played either unless they register with the ump as entering the game. They don't have to throw a pitch, they only have to enter the game. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, does any sport credit a game played if a person doesn't play?


Played or dressed or scratched, sorry Lehner, you dressed, you didn't play.

2 years, 3 months ago on Robin Lehner Believes His ELC Expires This Summer