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Except that there is very little buzz about Tizen outside of a very niche segment of the tech industry. Samsung may have garnered some cache with consumers with their Galaxy lineup but Google is so omnipresent in most people's everyday lives that having a google ecosystem just makes sense.


If Android ever "dies" I think it's death will be in name only, meaning I could see a day where saying Google means both the search engine and their operating system and hardware (i.e. I bought that new Google phone..which some people may say already). Or "i bought that new Google laptop" and someone then asks "what does it run?" And you say "it runs Google"


Think about how "fragmented" Google itself is right now. They have Chrome, Android, Gmail, Google+, Drive, etc...


These are all platforms in their own right that could be fused even more than they are right now. Instead of an ecosystem, we may eventually just get a system that's just Google.

2 years, 3 months ago on Editorial: Are The Android Glory Days Coming To An End?