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Sorry doesnt clear anything up are they ganna be at other retailers or nike only?

2 years ago on Air Jordan III Retro ’88 – Release Info


ALL YOU 15-2OYR OLD WANNABE SNEAKERHEADS have to stop!!! stop TRYING to be somthing your not! BE YOUR SELF!!  You children have no idea the history behind any shoes you have no idea who the man MJ really is! so quiet!! your all little wannabes STOP!! trying to pretend like you like the shoes HOW COULD YOU???? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR LOOKING AT!!  Il tell you what you like! you like the HYPE on the shoe You like to feel accepted like your now part of somthing and that everybody is doing it! STOP trying to act like you now about the "shoegame"...All this is a trend!! just like when you children thought it was cool to wear womens jeans?!!?! WTF....hahahah ALL THIS GENERATION is, is FOLLOW THE LEADER one of you do it you all follow to fit in!!! hahaha SMH...BE your self!! i cant wait til this trend is done and the shoegame is back to normal...! #SMH

2 years ago on Air Jordan III ’88 Retro – Release Date


it would be hilarious to see these sell out! so they toke the 11 lows from last year and added a black top!?!? thats where JB is at now.?! hahahah em up..

2 years ago on Air Jordan 11 Low – White – Black – Red


give us the blackouts or those snakeskins...tried of them trying to get rich off of rereleaseing the same damn shoe time after time...give us something new!

2 years ago on Rumor Round Up: Air Jordan 11 Retro – Holiday Release


lmao GREAT love it! hopefully now all these little 15-20yr old wannabe acclaimed "sneakerheads" can pass SICK AND TRIED!!! of all these little kids who have no idea who the man REALLY IS and what he REALLY DONE buying shoes they have no idea about! and they talk like they do! Their just a bunch of children doing follow the leader all this "shoegame" is now is a damn trend! and its a shame! it was once a great fun thing to do and all they have done is MURDER IT! I don't understand what do you children get OUT OF ALL WEARING THE SAME DAMN SHOE!!! IT MAKES NO SENSE! all your doing is buying the shoe all your other wannabe friends are buying ITS NOT COOL TO HAVE THE SAME SHOES that's why the shoegame was fun before PEOPLE ONLY BOUGHT WHAT THEY LIKE NOT EVERY DAMN RELEASE AND EVERYBODY HAD ON SOMETHING DIFFERENT  that's why there's this ridiculous "lottery BS" and price boost on WHATEVER they want...Kill the noise SMH

2 years ago on Air Jordan III Retro ’88 Retail Price


terrible....-.-...hmm maybe a good thing to add to a shoe called "year of the SNAKE" would maybe be...SNAKESKIN?? JB always holding out sadly...

2 years ago on Air Jordan 1 High “Year of the Snake”