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I support individual freedom and free markets, both of which require heavy restraints on government. The original author is right about a few things. 1. The US Constitution was violated from the start.2. The Constitution doesn't work as planned.But why?The "why" is complex and there is plenty of room for disagreement. Reading the anti-federalist you find many of their fears of the central court, original taxation authority, various vague clauses, et al. have shown warranted.  However, I find scale to be a the center of it, as an extension of the nature of power. In addition, scale as a matter of utility is at play. How can a government meet the needs and demands of 300 million people? Particularly a people which have many different views and beliefs (often diametrically opposed) as to the concept of rights, and by extension, the role of law according to these rights. We all proclaim for Liberty, but what does this mean? One man's liberty is another's tyranny. Having these large constructs of government necessarily means large swaths of people will be directly affected by them. It means they are harder to escape or change if necessary. It means that a tyranny of a majority, which can even happen under a "Republic" is far more oppressive than if units of government remain small. A solution to this problem of scale is as simple as it is complicated, as Jefferson once stated, let us separate.  A peaceful separation, of course.

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