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Randy, hope your digs are in order now. Looking forward to a great year. Kathy is retiring. We picked up some real estate and we have a plan. See you out there, my friend - Tony.

3 months, 2 weeks ago on TRANSMUTATION


Hey, Randy, I am with you on this one. we can not know what tribulations and challenges others have faced in life. If we are fortunate, it is incumbent upon us to help those less fortunate by whatever means we prefer. (Signed: Tony the shortstop)

8 months ago on Be Charitable


The federal congress' view on nullification is irrelevant to me. You don't require permission to dissent from the very institution that is the object of that dissent. Congress does not have the authority to defy the 10th amendment. Any attempts to do so will be regarded as unconstitutional tyranny.

2 years, 1 month ago on Resistance Is NOT Futile: Forgotten Lessons from the Nullification Crisis


The worst part of this ill-concieved idea is the risk of the lives of many people whose names have been involuntarily publicized. They would include: battered and abused people who had found refuge, witnesses who have been threatened, law enforcement officials, attorneys, judges etc. Whatever the goal of the newspaper that published this information, it has become a threat to people who are fundamentally law-abiding. If any of these registered gun owners should be victim of violence as a result of this irresponsible "journalism", I hold the newspaper ultimately to blame. If you liberals hate America and Americans so much, please find another place to express your discontent and immaturity.

2 years, 3 months ago on The Unintended Consequences of the Journal News's Gun-Owner Map