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You clearly have now idea as to what you are talking about,  as "That shoe is nearly 20 years old the quality on those are nearly done at this point. Really u wanna buy those juat so u can say u have nice leather, get out of hear." is just more than grammatically incorrect.


I address your complete lack of knowledge over the quality in which the retros where constructed back when the first retros hit the market. Those mother fuckers were built like god damn tanks. I will simply use the pair shown in this article to demonstrate since these are the ones used as a comparison baseline in this article to demonstrate you're simply talking out of your ass about something you know very little about.


You stated, "That shoe is nearly 20 years old the quality on those are nearly done at this point." How do you know any of this? did you handle this specific pair? Are they yours? I already no the answer to that, No. As long as the sole and the leather on these retros are still pliable then one could most certainly wear these in a casual outing.


Hell MJ himself  broke out a fucking pair of god damn OG 1s in the garden back in the 97-98 season. Not only did he not simply wear them, the mother fucking G.O.A.T played in them. Granted he did in all respect have to change at half time as the shoes were a size smaller than what he was wearing at the time.


Yet a god damn dumb fuck sitting behind a mother fucking rented computer from rent-a-center all of a sudden thinks he is a mother fucking expert in the quality of retros from 80's and 90's, which were by all standards were indeed leaps and bounds better than this kind of bull shit retros that nike/Jb keep churning out.


You just keep drinking that fucking watered down kool-aid, I however will save my fucking hard earned cash for quality.


I'm out.


2 years, 3 months ago on Air Jordan 1 High Retro “Bulls” – 1994 vs. 2013 Comparison