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Welcome back Lou...agree with most of what you had to say but I'm still a little worried about this week's game.  Denver's offense made the Colts look back for 30 minutes.  While the Eagles are not the Broncos, they have more speed coming out of the backfield with McCoy.

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Don't get caught up in this lazy, stupid argument that trivialized everything else that happens in a football game.  You will enjoy Luck's (and WIlson's) career so much more.

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So Reed did get in and Marvin did not.  I think there is a line up at WR and Tim Brown is next on the list.  Reed has been "sitting around" for a while and when all is said and done, Marvin will bet in before Reed since he will likely get there in year two or three and it took Reed more time.

And I do think Marvin will get in.  Time tends to make people forget (like with Ray Lewis).

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@Bobman1If you go back to the replay, the announcer practically called a Mathis strip-sack just before the play started...pretty cool considering how bad these announcers were (especially Mayock who said the Colts "were not built to come from behind").  To be honest, upon review, the D'Rick Rogers reception changed the tone of the game.  Totally unexpected and brought the energy back into Lucas Oil Field.

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Chuck's in the B...sorry to ruin it for everyone else but the post has been up for three days.

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I think the best thing any fan of the Colts (past or present) can do is just forget that Sunday even happened.  Being a Canadian and fan of the Tiger Cats, this weekend was even more brutal as they were hammered 46-15 in the Grey Cup

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I love the "find the Pagano in the pdf" part of this.  BTW, my take on Richardson is that he is just too tentative.  He looks like he's expecting to get hit and is indecisive in hitting the hole.  Brown use to have that problem but this year, he's hitting the hole right away.  It would be interested to see the time between handoff and getting to the line.  If Richardson is taking extra time because he's dancing around, then it makes sense that he's being hit closer to the LOS.

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Well said...well said

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@MarcusDugan Agreed. This looks great.

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I hope every gets the sarcasm here...

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Cousin Sal brought up an interesting idea on the BS report.  London Fletcher and Ray Lewis had the same type of career.  Lewis' numbers are slightly better than Fletcher's but with a much stronger defense.  Nobody talks about Fletcher in the way they talk about Lewis. Maybe its all of the flash and look at me bravado.  I personally think he's showboating.


One other thing Cousin Sal brought up, Lewis leads Fletcher in convictions as well...

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You have never been to San Diego. It's quite nice... except for the chargers

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