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 Anyone with more than one title ring is in the "elite" category.  Ten is beyond that.  Frank Broyles at Arkansas, now retired, had one as a coach, one as AD when Arkansas won the national basketball championship, and a total of 42 others for indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country.  John McDonald was the coach for all of those. I guess him and his wife couldn't wear all of them on their fingers and toes.

2 years ago on USA Today Reveals Salaries For The Nation’s Athletic Directors (And SEC Schools Are Paying Well)


Has anyone considered the Bobby Pertino/Western Kentucky angle.  Motivation for the story: Lets get the focus on someone else so our decision to hire a sleeze ball doesn't look quite so bad!

2 years ago on Miles From Accurate: When A Rumor Is More Than Just A Rumor


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 "Comparing Vols to TX is apples & oranges"............... Aren't both Oranges?



2 years, 1 month ago on Texas’ Dodds Uses Fulmer, Saban To Defend His Football Coach



 Five counting Arkansas in 1992.  All elements considered, TCU is nowhere near the caliber of the teams that left the BigXII,  They just expanded their stadium to 50,000.  Mizzou's current sports complex enhancements are far more impressive.  Also, the SEC visitor money generated for the school (and the town) will help pay for it.  Bottom line, the SEC's "get" of Missouri is far superior to the Big XII's "get" of TCU.


I personally can't wait til we can make an Arkansas away game up in Columbia.

2 years, 1 month ago on Texas A.D. Dodds Takes A Shot At Mizzou




 Due Process?  Investigation? 


Did you tell the truth when you admitted doing it?  Yes.  Adios scum bag.


How long does that take?  Certainly not days.  This is college football, not our legal system.  You don't have the "right" to play football when you disparage your team.  But then I probably don't know how things are done at Alabama.

2 years, 1 month ago on Alabama Suspends Four Arrested Players


It's a shame that an eighteen year old young man (of legal age for everything else in this country) can't decide on a college without interference.  Would the courts waste time on an NCAA rule?    Legally he can sign contracts and conduct other business at eighteen, so  It is an NCAA issue.  He fulfilled the rule when his Dad signed.


Regardless, Arkansas is fortunate and ecstatic to have Alex Collins on board.  WPS!!

2 years, 1 month ago on RB Collins Signs, But Mom Hires A Lawyer


She can hide, but she can't run!

2 years, 1 month ago on Hogs RB Commit Cancels Announcement Ceremony


If you watched the players going from the bus to Razorback stadium, you saw that they weren't motivated.  Only a few showed the enthusiasm they should have(and normally would have) had.  They were defeated before they ever got into the stadium.  Based on what I saw, Coach Smith's assessment of "quit" is accurate.


Paul Petrino was the biggest disappointment for me.  Only a moron would be ahead by 28 points (against ULM) and run pass plays ( mostly incomplete), giving them enough time to tie the game with a minute left.


Bobby is definitely to blame for the whole mess.  Maybe in a couple of years under Coah Bielama we'll be thanking Bobby for being a sleeze.


I also think Long's decision was the best one under the circumstances.  I'd rather have one season of bad and be done.  Look what we've got to look forward to now.  GO HOGS!!!

2 years, 1 month ago on Ex-Hog Coaches Say A.D. Long And Players Quitting Were To Blame For Bad Season


Texas is only interested in power and money.  What teams can help them with either? If it's not good for the them, it won't happen in the big12.  Most schools willing to join the big 12 won't increase Texas' share of the profits.  Other than the remaining SW Conference teams not already in the big 12, no others have first hand experience with UT's bullying.  There are only five of the original Big8 schools left in the big12.  If any of them, other than OU, had a choice last year, I'm sure they would have left as well.  The Texas schools are afraid to be without UT.  Texas A&M is the only one with guts.  (Gig em Aggies!)


All this to say, any team joining the big12 at this point will be desperate if this expansion stuff blows wide open.  That includes FSU and GT, if the B1G isn't interested.  BTW, a year ago the perception was the big12 was falling apart.  How did that change over the last year from them to the ACC?  Adding WVU and TCU as opposed to Syracuse and Pitt?  Losing Colorado, Nebraska, MIssouri, and Texas A&M compared to Maryland?

2 years, 2 months ago on Big XII Commish: "We Could Be Proactive"


Congratulations to all the Alabama fans on a great win.  Also to the other SEC top 25 teams. Going 6 and 3 in bowls was a little disappointing, but nine teams means tha 2 more SEC teams outside the top 25 made it.  It wasn't a good year to be a Razorback fan, but was another great year to be an SEC fan.

2 years, 2 months ago on No. 1 Alabama Joined By Six Other SEC Teams In Top 25