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I'm sorry, because I'm St. Louis born and bred, but Imo's is shit.  St. Louis has no idea what good pizza is, and it breaks my heart, because I could easily eat on The Hill until I drop and die happy.

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@Ericb1980 @athooks Does Matheny even seem, in your wildest dreams, like the kind of person who would even CONSIDER hitting the pitcher eighth?  He could literally be replaced with a sheet of old-school baseball rules taped to a plank of wood with a neutral face painted on it.  He refuses to deviate, innovate, or even think at all, playing every situation the exact same regardless of how idiotic it might be in the moment.  Just look at how he doesn't seem to treat a postseason game any differently than a regular season game, trying insanely to play for extra innings while in an elimination game!

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I've been saying this for THREE YEARS.

Mike's a great guy, don't get me wrong, but he is completely out of his depth in a major league clubhouse.  He doesn't know tactics, he doesn't know how to plan matchups or manage a bullpen, he uses NO moves on the basepaths (doesn't steal, doesn't bunt for a hit or squeeze, doesn't hit and run), and he's apparently incapable of either firing a team up to play or getting them ready to win fundamentally.

I've always said that he should be in the minor leagues working his way up like anyone else.  He got hella lucky, because he inherited the most robust, deepest, and hardest-hitting club in the majors, as well as coming in riding the coattails of MLB's departed Mad Scientist, LaRussa.  The past successes have very little to do with him (or Mabry, that guy's as useless as a coach as he was in a batter's box to begin with), and most of the humiliating ways we get eliminated in postseason can and should be laid squarely at his feet.  #SendMathenyDown2015

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Personally, I just hate Tim McCarver becuase he's an idiot.  Granted, he'll fit right in alongside Shannon.  The two of them can yuck it up about the old days and forget there's a game going on, occasionally coming back long enough to get a rule interpretation wrong before the audience drinks themselves into a stupor.  I absolutely do not just find it easier to bitch.  Jack Buck was the voice of my childhood.  I still like watching Dodgers games, and even the Mariners just for the broadcast guys.  Heck, I watched the Blues when I could and the announcing was perfect.  Just because we're negative on the Cards team doesn't mean they're NOT actually that bad.

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Yes, dear God, yes.  I've been waiting for this for most of a decade: a genuine speed merchant wearing the Birds on Bat.  Let him run, Mike.  Let the man run.

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I dunno how MO's economic policies are treating businesses, but IL's are absolutely draining the lifeblood out of the workforce, especially those who would normally travel to work in StL.  Can't imagine that's helping the downtown area any either.

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Personally, I'd like to see us use him to acquire some serious speed, most likely in a backup outfield spot.  Baserunning has consistently been StL's Achilles heel, and a good runner could do things like open the infield for guys like Adams.

As much as I like the guy—and he is a great guy—we have an overabundance of young talent on the mound, and there's just not enough room for everyone.  He has the most value to other teams, and thus has the most potential to help the team by trade.

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How could the implementation of this rule be hard?  It's the same way high school, college, and some semi-pro leagues have been doing it for decades upon decades.  The high school and college method of calling the play at the plate makes it pretty darn simple:

1) The runner can not target the catcher.  In any way.  Headfirst above the ground is almost always an out, because there's literally no reason to dive instead of slide if you're trying to be safe.  Besides, you're more likely to be safe if you slide for the back corner of the plate anyway.

2) The catcher has to have the ball in his glove before he can shift towards the runner, and until then, there has to be daylight to the plate.  It doesn't have to be at a certain point of the plate, but there has to be room for the runner to slide to the plate.  Between the legs, behind, in front—doesn't matter.

3) And, for the umpires, if anyone violates point 1, he gets run.  No debate.  Anything that looks like targeting the catcher should be dealt with immediately and firmly.  Blocking the plate is punished by allowing the run and the catcher getting slid into, which will likely hurt when the guys are as big as they are in The Show.  As for who targeted whom, it's honestly not that hard to tell, even without slo-mo replays.  You can see it coming as an umpire, as long as you're in the correct position.

I see no way this is a bad thing, except for the kind of brain-numbed concussion magnets who think that tackling in football can be "totally safe."  Teams will feel safer about investing in high-dollar, high-skill catchers.  Heck, I'd bet Brian McCann could even hold for more money now that the chance of him having his career ended on a collision is out the window.  And as you said, the Birds come out the absolute winners on this deal.

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I would rather chew broken glass than listen to McCarver ramble on.  Can you imagine him and Mike "Can you believe I'm sober" Shannon in the same booth?!  We would go entire innings without any play by play as they just sit and entirely forget the game exists together.

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Odds that Wainright puts a gun to Matheny's head and demands the ball if this goes to game seven = 35:1

Seriously, though, if the Birds leave one more runner on third with less than two outs, I'm going to eat a pillow in rage.

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I'm gonna take the total wins for the Cards, multiply by the average team slugging percentage, subtract out all of Wainright's projected wins, divide out one-tenth of a point for every season ticket holder... then I'll throw that number out entirely and just say 170. Cause I'm lazy, too.

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42. It's never let me down before.

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It's a shame TLR didn't raise up a protege while he was around this year. Would have made things so much easier if there was one other person in the world who knew why he changed pitchers when he did.

Seriously, though, what are the odds of Duncan sticking around next season, with his wife's health issues? I'm thinking not great. So we might as well start kicking around ideas for both slots.

Liliquist will likely get the pitching coach job full time, as he probably should. I dunno if I see Jose as a manager, but I'd love to give him a chance and find out. I think StL would be more kind to Jose if he comes in and has a bad first season than someone like Riggleman.

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Fantastic. Because growing up with this game didn't make me suicidal enough. Now I can relive the trauma! :D

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Albert will go on to have a .300/30 kind of year, I'm almost certain of it, but you're right; his numbers almost certainly show the kind of decline to his career numbers that are giving his agent an apopleptic fit about now. It's going to come up again around November when they go back to the table, and the Birds are going to remind him how much of a disappointment he was, for however long this lasts.

Whichever, my skipping over Albert to grab Matt Holliday with my first fantasy pick is looking pretty damn smart about now.

3 years, 11 months ago on Ok, Albert - Time To Start Hitting | May