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Totally get what you're saying. And agree, to an extent. I clearly am a novice and newbie in the blogging world, BUT I really want to hear more from readers, because I think that it's important to hear from your readers. To know whether you're writing is loved, hated, ignored, or just plain pointless. Here's a post from my blog about that very thing: 

2 weeks, 4 days ago on Should building a community really be your primary goal when starting a blog?


I can't stop laughing at the dog. Or Kevin Nealon. But that dog. HAHAHAHAH! 

3 weeks ago on Gin and Topics: Racist Colorado Skiing and Family Feud


What an amazing campaign. Sure gets attention for the brand and gives you a "warm fuzzy feeling" just when you need it. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing this great example of "brand storytelling." 

3 weeks, 1 day ago on THIS Is How You Do Brand Storytelling


For a long time I was totally pro social media networks and building communities there. But your thinking is spot on -- we have to build our communities on something we own so we can have control over it. If not, we are just at the mercy of what the social networks decide to do. It doesn't matter if we have a community of 100,000  followers, or a million for that matter, on a social network. As we have seen from Facebook's limiting organic reach without advertising dollars going to them, it's pretty plain to see what can happen to the community we've spent so much time building. And stopping comments on something you own to just move it to somewhere you have no control? Thinking it's a reaallllly bad move. Thanks for another great post, Gini! 

3 weeks, 1 day ago on Why We Won’t Shut Off Blog Comments


Totally fair! I've seen others post the same thing when they are independent consultants. Andto me, it makes complete sense. While I am not independent, I am constantly asked if I can teach people this or that in the social media world, and half-jokingly (only half) I ask if they are going to pay me a consultant's fee. Doing things out of the goodness of our hearts for others takes time away from the work we have to do and that is what pays the bills. Not all that complicated! I know it's hard when you want to help people, and when you're passionate about something it's easy to want to spend time on it. But when it's not practical, then you have to draw the line. 

3 weeks, 4 days ago on Why I’m completely revamping my coffee meet-up strategy