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The Peterson inception that was reviewed and still called wrong, Bama going 10 games without a holding pentality called, the 7-3 Lsu v. Au game where the cornor back kicks the reciever in the end zone and the fumble that was called incomplete, the 10-9 Auburn Lsu game with the call I had never seen before that game and have never seen since that game. I watched 4 plays in the Bama v Mich game and there was a facemask not called, pass interfearance (lead to the interception) and hold call in 3 of the 4 plays. Florida and Teabow getting terrible calls in their favor against Miss St. The film doesn't lie, but Slive does! The office needs desperatly to be moved out of Birmingham. Bamers would be screaming bloody murder if the office was in New Orleans!

2 years, 3 months ago on Conspiracy Theorists Up In Arms Over Bad Spot In Tide, Rebels Game