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Brooks, I think your general boredom in Android and your desire for something new is influencing your decision-making skills.  Samsung said the same thing back in a couple of years ago during the Android 2.x days with their Bada platform.  As for your ecosystem theories, maybe but not realistic.  The Android platform already has a very robust ecosystem and the cost required by Samsung to develop a competing platform wouldn't be worth it and there is no guarantee that it would ever break even.  Samsung will look at that people stick a platform because of the investment made into that ecosystem; it's self evident in seeing the extremely low adoption rates of the WP8 platform.  If Samsung were to create their ecosystem it would be an add-on much like VZW's now defunct VCast.


I think there we will finally start to see less devices as that it's getting to the point where low & mid-range devices have approximately the same specs as my GNex with more specialised higher-end devices like the SGSIV, Note2, GN4, IP5 and HTC DNA/J Butterfly.  If anything I think there will be more low-end devices in the tablet sector more than anything.

2 years, 2 months ago on Editorial: Are The Android Glory Days Coming To An End?