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I like Nando De Colo. He seems to want to learn. He reminds me a little bit of Manu Ginobili with his passing. I like that he looks to pass first and shoot second. I think that is a good thing for this team, especially with Tony Parker as the starting point guard who is used more so to score. I do think Nando De Colo can improve on his shooting, so if left open he can knock down more shots. But overall I think he's a pretty good player who has the potential to be better.

2 years, 3 months ago on De Colo talks about rookie treatment, playing time


When Cory Joseph entered the draft they said he wasn't ready. Him being not ready is why he's constantly in the D-League. I'm glad that Joseph is taking advantage of his time with the Austin Toros and working on improving his game. I'm also glad the Spurs try to develop their players and make them better. Cory Joseph is showing good signs so far. My hope is he'll get better at being a facilitator. If he doesn't Nando De Colo will more than likely be the backup point guard because Nando looks to pass more than shoot. Cory plays more like a scoring guard. As a point guard you need to be able to pass the ball if you really want to help your team succeed.

2 years, 3 months ago on Joseph looking to develop and make impact


Don't start blaming Stephen Jackson for how the Lakers got momentum in this game. It should have never even gotten that close to begin with. Spurs as a team allowed the Lakers to get momentum because they played opposite of their game. They turned the ball over, they shot shots they shouldn't have, they didn't play smart and they allowed the Lakers to get back in the game with a chance to win. Stephen Jackson did help contribute in that, but he is not the sole reason why. The team played the same way when he left. Best thing is the Spurs escaped with a win.

2 years, 3 months ago on Stephen Jackson loses cool, gets ejected


I'm not familiar with Aron Baynes, but I like this move by the Spurs. Spurs have needed a Center that can rebound the ball for some time now. 9.8 rebounds per game is much needed to be seen on this team. Tim Duncan should not be the only Spurs PF/C rebounding the ball more than 5 times a game. It's frustrating watching 7 footers or almost 7 ft Centers not getting rebounds. With Baynes being 4th in the Euroleague in blocking Spurs and Spurs fans can only hope it transitions into the NBA. Spurs could definitely use it. I like the fact that he is pretty athletic too. Give the Spurs a different look. Hopefully this works out and Aron Baynes can make a name for himself in San Antonio. What does this mean for Blair and Diaw? My opinion it shouldn't mean a bad thing. I personally feel the Spurs could keep and probably should keep both. Both players bring something different on the court. Both can play different positions because of their size and both can allow the starters rest, which is a good thing. Why trade either? I only see trading Blair if wanting to get bigger. If a Center he better be 7 ft or close to it and he better have a reputation for getting rebounds and blocking shots. If a SF he better have some athleticism and know how to play some defense. Other than that why do anything? Why not give Blair minutes at the PF? Why not give Diaw time at SF? If adding Aron Baynes to the Squad you would think the Spurs should be able to mix and match these guys with him on the court. More options the Spurs have if this deal goes through. I like the potential of what this move can do for the team. Good looking out Spurs. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Report: Spurs to sign center Aron Baynes