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I just started the program as a way to keep in shape, with a focused, cycling-specific training plan for the winter. So far, I really enjoy it and found the workouts and plan challenging (so I know I'm getting the benefits). I think it's a great off-season plan, particularly if you are time-pressed or live in a climate where you can't ride outside. As a mid-forties cyclocross racer, living in the Northeast and working 60 hours a week - it's damn near perfect for me. The Cyclo 90 plan calls for two outdoor rides per week, usually on the weekend, where you apply some of the principles taught in the HIT sessions (e.g. Climbing drills, high tension, fast leg speed, etc). Since it's cold and snowy where I live now, I created my own trainer workout based on what the outdoor ride is focusing on, but stick to his plan and videos the rest of the week. As he mentioned, the plan is not designed for a pre- or in-season, cyclocross racer - although I think it would still work as long as you swapped cyclocross-specific workouts/drills for his outdoor rides on the weekend. I think one of the biggest benefits of this program is that you will get stronger all over (muscular endurance, core strength, power) which are all beneficial for cyclcoross. So far, I feel the videos and training program were well-worth the $$, and I think there might be a special he's offering where you can get it for less.

2 years, 3 months ago on Training with High Intensity: A Look at the Cyclo90 H.I.T. Program