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Oh we wish for the days of Pudd Grunt and the 4 super bowl losses.  Never forget Packers have 4 superbowl wins. 


Purple Pricks are home on the sofa again. Maybe you can get a few of your old timers names printed on the ass-wipe in the women’s bathroom at Canton, OH. The owner of the ViQueens should just move the team out of that God forsaken land of Hormel Chile eating pig F'ers.


God it was good to kick your ass.

2 years, 3 months ago on Acting-Not-Very-Cordial: Talking Vikings vs. Packers Playoffs with Total Packers


Packers just kicked some major butt.  Whimps....enjoy your time on the sofa....Pricks


Don't you long for the days of Pudd Grunt and the 4 superbowl loses.


Open some more cans of Hormel Chile and chow down you purple pigs

2 years, 3 months ago on Vikings vs. Packers: PJD's Masturbatory 2012 Wild Card Playoff Preview