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I've always said,"a police officer will kill you for running a stop sign". The mere resistance to their State issued authority is means for arrest by force at gun point. If you resist that arrest with force in return they will kill you. The lengths this government will go to enforce their arbitrary laws is uncanny. Why are police officers willing to die to enforce a traffic ticket, why are they willing to kill an offender of a petty crime because he resists. 


Police officers have reduced themselves to heartless, power hungry punks. No different than the criminal elements they supposedly are protecting us from. When they single out law abiding citizens and treat them no differently than a hard core gangster, then we are in deep trouble. Because out police have become the most notorious gangsters in this country, and they need to be stopped.


Until my government stops their "justified" acts of murder against unarmed civilians, I will never give my guns up... but they can sure as hell try to take them.

2 years, 3 months ago on When Congress takes its oath, remember they almost...