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I'm sorry I take exception to several of your 'points' in this article. For one, Adam Lanza had 'military grade' weapons. And I'm also sorry that you take exception to teachers and administrators being armed in our schools. But you see any society has it's nut cases, and this is the best way to protect our schools. If you went back to the old one room school houses you would have probably been witness to something that those children were very used to seeing, a rifle hung on the wall near to hand for the teacher to use in defense of their students.Yes, our government has arms, and they could be used against "We The People." That is why we have the Second Amendment, and it is why we must fight vehemently that it not be taken from us. We are not armed to the level of the military and law enforcement, but we outnumber them. That is the balance. And any attempts to change that balance need to be met with a firm, "No, you will not disarm us, or lessen our ability to protect ourselves from you or anyone else who wishes us harm at any point."

2 years, 3 months ago on When Congress takes its oath, remember they almost...