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I agree totally with you, Dave. The warfare state must be dismantled, since it's a danger to the people here in the US, but also to all of humanity. So long as there is a warfare state threatening the safety and stability of the rest of the world, there will be no peace whatsoever; thus, the need for this state to be dismantled and replaced with the Republic our Founding Fathers established.

2 months, 3 weeks ago on The Devil’s Beltway Workshop: Why The Warfare State Must Be Dismantled, Part 1


The War Party has been playing with fire for years now. It's already been burned in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Libya is a mess since the ouster and horrific murder of Muammar Gadaffi; then, came the Benghazi debacle, in which Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were murdered by jihadists in a weapons deal gone bad.  These war criminals nearly had their asses kicked when they sent warships into the Eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Syria, where ships of Russia's Black Sea Fleet were docked. That's when Russia's President Vladimir Putin stepped in and defused the situation.

Now, we have these same war criminals playing with fire once again, this time, in Ukraine. They just don't get it; and one of these days, they will really get burned. Putin already had pulled Barack Obama's chestnuts out of the fire with regard to Syria, but he's not about to do it again, regarding Ukraine. Ukraine is in Russia's backyard, and Russia is not about to let the War Party launch any major war there.

2 months, 3 weeks ago on Why The War Party Is Playing With Fire: Much Of Putin’s Military-Industrial Complex Is In Eastern Ukraine!


@LiberatedCit @les21forever

Too late; the damage was already done. Don't be surprised if the idiot Nuland is given her walking papers. She and Ambassador Pyatt set Ukraine up to be looted of its resources (Its gold was already pilfered and sent to the US); and, Ukraine will never see one penny of the $5 billion Nuland boasted of having promised. The ever-so-greedy IMF will pick off that amount right away.

3 months, 3 weeks ago on Pierre Omidyar co-funded Ukraine revolution groups with US government, documents show



What allies in the Middle East? Not Israel, since she has NO allies; never had. Why? She stabbed everybody else in the back far too many times; so, she's been a pariah for decades now. You probably mean the Gulf States.


Japan's been an ally since at least 1950, after the US helped to rebuild her infrastructure and economy. Unfortunately, Obozo the Clown may have ditched that alliance for his own convenience. Extremely bad move.

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Ah, yes, the King of Gaffes; none other than JOE BIDEN. Hold on to your hats, folks; we're in for a rough ride.

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Israel is not a US ally; never has been. How many times has Israel stabbed the US in the back? The Lavon Affair (1954); the JFK assassination (1963); the attack on the USS Liberty (1967); the US Marines' barracks in Beirut (1981); and the 911 attacks (09/11/01). These events don't include the overt interference in the 2012 Presidential elections, when Bibi Boo-Boo and his Likudniks funneled $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to Mitt Romney's White House bid.


As for Britain, Poland, S. Korea and Japan, I agree with you that Obama has not been honest in his dealings with them. That is, indeed, sad, since this is a breach of trust that will only come back to haunt him down the road.

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I agree; the military and the intelligence services are way too bloated. There's no reason for having military bases scattered all over 185+ countries worldwide. Close them; deploy most of the troops to our southern border with Mexico to curb/put an end to the drug and arms smuggling back and forth across the border. Oh, I almost forgot; put an end to the human trafficking as well.

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 @Swatkins650  @LibertyRising Iran's civilian nuclear program is permitted under the NPT, of which Iran is a signatory. BTW, IAEA inspectors have been allowed inside Iran's nuclear facilities for some years now; so, let the negotiations between Iran and the US move forward.

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 @rochambo2006 In that case, he must resign IMMEDIATELY and move to Israel; and, furthermore, he must also give up US citizenship at the same time.

9 months, 1 week ago on Obama Could Lift Iran Sanctions Tomorrow, If He Wanted To | The Cable


 @MichaelStephens1 You''re right on the mark, Michael. Bibi Boo-Boo and his allies have NO intention whatsoever of ever returning an inch of stolen land back to the rightful owners/inhabitants.


The 49th Geneva Conventions are perfectly explicit in their prohibitions against the settlement of occupied lands by the occupying power(s); and Israel, as the occupying power of the West Bank and E. Jerusalem, is in violation of these Conventions and must be sanctioned accordingly.

9 months, 1 week ago on Top Israeli Minister: Keep the Boot on Iran's Neck | Foreign Policy


 @alexdavis059 Right on, buddy; I wholeheartedly agree. Iran hasn't attacked her neighbors in over 500 years. Nobody can say that about Israel within her 65-year existence. Furthermore, why should Israel maintain a 400+ nuclear arsenal, while the rest of the Middle East has zero such weapons?


Therefore, the only security threat to the Middle East (and beyond) is Israel. Her government has been either issuing threats to and/or attacking her neighbors almost from the beginning. This is the most volatile region in the world; thus, it must be totally free of nuclear weapons, so that no "Samson Option" is ever launched.

9 months, 2 weeks ago on Access denied | Stephen M. Walt


 @Don Bacon You got that right, Don.  The US hasn't had any success with military options for three generations - maybe the first Gulf War in 1991 - but that was fought with a large coalition of partners. Afghanistan and Iraq turned out disastrously; Libya drew a huge blowback with Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans being killed by the same people who had overthrown and killed Moammar Ghadaffi.


The ancient Chinese warrior-philosopher Sun Tsu, author of the book The Art of War, advised military leaders when it came to waging war: "Know your enemy." His advice is just as appropriate today as it was thousands of years ago.

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I don't support GE food of any kind, whether it's meat, fish, or vegetables. Who knows what damage this food may do to the human body, or to the ecosystem itself.


GE food is behind the rise of early puberty in children, as well as the rise of female hormones in men; thus, adversely affecting their sperm count and fertility. These same side effects also involve many other animal species.



1 year, 4 months ago on Video: GE Salmon and the Future of Fish


 @Deep State 

That's OK; you just hit the nail on the head with that question. The US Military has plenty of human rights violations within its ranks - with sexual assaults running rampant, and the High Command largely ignoring this problem.

1 year, 5 months ago on Access denied | Foreign Policy


Barry Posen has it right. The US has grown too interventionist, especially after WWII. What business did we have intervening in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Mideast, etc.? What did we gain from all of these misadventures? Nothing. We're now over $16 TRILLION in debt; and, the nations we had invaded either fell to our foes (Vietnam), or disintegrated into chaos (Iraq and Afghanistan).


Nation-building is not our obligation. We cannot solve the problems of the whole world, while the majority of our own citizens are in need of help. It was only a few weeks ago that Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast, especially the eastern parts of New York and New Jersey. The damage this storm left behind was astronomical; and, a great deal of cleanup and rebuilding still needs to be done. But, what is the Government doing about this? Not much; they're too obsessed with Syria and Iran. We spend more on "defense" than all the other nations of the world combined, while our own infrastructure is falling apart around us.


Benghazi, Libya is a case in point. Just this past August, our Consulate there was attacked; and, four Americans were killed, including the Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens. This is just one of many blowbacks that resulted from too much interventionist foreign policy. It's long time that we heed the advice of our nation's Founders, as well as many other wise officials and mind our own business.

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