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I Can't understand why everyone is down on Mark Ellis starting next year? He is a great clubhouse guy who reminds me of the leadership the dodgers had with Casey Blake.  Not to mention the guy almost lost his leg last year trying to turn a double play and still found a way to recover and return to the team. He will be a great fit in the lineup hitting second in the order behind Crawford who should be our lead-off hitter. My last bone to pick is why would we want to trade Either? The guy is a homegrown talent that has committed to the dodger organization. Last year he considered moving on from the dodgers but management convinced him that he was an important piece to what they wanted to accomplish. Now that they have him locked up there going to shop trading him? If you want to see him struggle keep his name in trade rumors, if you want him to succeed stop taking calls and keep this team focused as I feel they have all the pieces they need to win.

2 years, 3 months ago on 2194 Words on Andre Ethier, Michael Bourn, and Trade Value