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I personally love HTC products, and Sense has never been an issue for me, and Sense 4 was awesome.

I have owned the following HTC devices; Diamond Touch, HD2 (in both Windows Mobile and Android), Inspire 4G, Desire HD (for her), Flyer Wifi, and OneX (international).  I have used custom ROMs from well recognized XDA Developers on all of my devices due to the very slow rate at which Australia Telecomms companies roll out software updates and their preference for including lots of unnecessary bloatware.


But with the death of my OneX (due to water damage that killed the screen controller) I moved across to a Samsung S3 because ... drum roll .... it had a microSD slot ... because wiping my documents off the HTC phone was a nightmare, if not for Nortons Mobile security being able to remotely wipe the phone (supposedly, cant view the screen or connect via pc to check).


Anyhow, one forgotten feature that I love on HTC products is USB hard disk mounting on PCs ... the HTC devices mounts with a drive letter (e.g. E: like a USB stick) and not as a media device ... this has a significant advantage for me as my phone is used as my always present USB Hard disk to synchronize My Documents and folders using file-comparison software.  This just can't be done with a media connecting devices such as my ex-Nexus generation 3. Fortunately I found a XDA developed program that enables this for my Samsung S3 to connect as a USB hard disk, but not as easily as the HTC devices natively do.


When, comparing the Samsung S3 to the HTC One X, I would score the One X as having a better screen "liquid clear", better headphone sound, better overnight battery life, and better control when playing my favourite mini-car game ... oh and wifi hotspot is easier to enable.


Where the S3 does win out was the easy of unlocking and the inclusion of a MicroSD slot.  


The removable battery ain't a major concern for me, it was a nicety by the lack of one on the One X turned out to be a non event.


Hence, would I go back to HTC at present ... NO ... unless the International Butterfly J / DNA is available in Australia via a recognized importer or local teleco.


What I want from HTC to get me back is a Desire HD / Inspire 4G type device ... i.e. with a Micro-SD slot, easy to unlock, and root because local telecos suck with their lack of speed of updates and their bloatware inclusions.


Without a Micro-SD slot, forget it.


Oh note to HTC ... I upgrade on a 8 months to 12 months basis, and my old phone gets passed on to other family members, so on and so forth who coincidently buy HTC products after that ... given that I am recognized as the resident techno in the family and among friends ... Hence if HTC is good enough for me then it is good enough for them to use and recommend.


P.S. I have also owned and passed on an Acer Iconia A500 wifi (10 inch), Toshiba Thrive wifi (7 inch), Asus Nexus 7 wifi ... now have a Samsumg Note 10.1 wifi ... plus Acer ultrabook, i7 desktop PC with Win 8 64 bit (Stardock Start 8 installed) raided SDD hard disks and 32 GB ram and multiple monitors.  


You would be correct in saying that  I am a real tech-head, but I have officially been a Technical Authority at work, so I have also be concerned with everyday non-tech-savy user-ability and consider Win8-tiles a nightmare for a business environment. ...


Hence, to me the lack of a Micro-SD is a big mistake and see its lack of inclusion as a covert way to enforce more data usage which is only in the telcos interest and not the end-users.


HTC get it in your head, no Micro-SD included then stuff you I will go Samsung and encourage others to do the same.


2 years, 3 months ago on Marketing Is To Blame For HTC's Poor Performance In 2012