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My guess is that some independent factors are causing both higher number of 3s taken, and higher offensive efficiency. 


I don't have any data, but my sense is that corner 3 attempts tend to result from a compromised defense. Either a defense is forced to double a dangerous low post player, a perimeter player penetrates and dishes, or the defense has to try to close out on multiple outside shooters spread out, allowing the offense to swing the ball to find an open man in the corner. 


My guess is that team that attempt more corner 3s, also tend to have some combination of a.) dangerous low post players who can pass out of double teams; b.) good dribble penetrators who are good at kicking out to spot up shooters, and c.) multiple quality long range shooters to better space the floor. 


This might explain why corner 3 attempts correlates more closely with overall offensive efficiency than corner 3 percentage. Corner 3 attempts may be a rough indicator of several other traits that directly lead to better offense. 

2 years, 3 months ago on Cornered