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A very good series of articles Stuart.

We would agree that it is far too early to shift the priority from evangelism and education given the culture changes required. As a SME cloud service provider we are doing really well on the G-Cloud the result of which is that we now require the G-Cloud CloudStore to provide electronic ordering and e-payment services so that we can allow our clients to make micro-payments for the cloud utilities they consume. This ICT payment method would really shake the market up.

We would also like to see the G-Cloud programme use the CloudStore facilitate partner cloud eco-systems via the adoption of approved interface standards. We must remember, the G-Cloud programme needs to be much more than an on-line shop if it is to deliver the savings promised!

We, like many others, are proud to be associated with the global recognition of the UK G-Cloud brand. It's just a shame it's been side-lined.

John Glover

4 months, 1 week ago on The worrying cloud building around the G-Cloud – special report part 2


As a cloud provider that has been providing SaaS for 10 years we have seen a change in mind set of ICT managers in the last 12 months, especially in the UK public sector with the launch of the G-Cloud programme. Many organisations are naturally cautious about where they store their corporate assets, which is why the UK government is focussing on independent security certification and accreditation of cloud suppliers. Although we have always treated this subject seriously, it was not until we went through formal ISO 27001 certification that we understood the detailed questions we would ask of the Cloud suppliers we use, especially with regard to independent assessment of their security measures. As an industry that often provides virtualised services via flashy web sites, we need to make sure that clients can validate and trust our marketing statements on cloud security. Only when this happens then the market will grow exponentially.

1 year, 8 months ago on Cloud Infographic: The Cloud Economics