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For the record, my father is a sports announcer and I get the whole freedom of speech thing, but let me tell EVERYONE running this site that you have NO idea what you are talking about and everyone you decide to "call out" has worked their BUTTS off and are probably tired from working 70 hours a week....this is awful and full of haters and people who only WISH they could do what these people do. I have literally watched my father on national televison WITH A STOMACH flu throwing up in between calls. How many people can say they have done that? So this whole site is an absolute disgrace to people who work hard for their jobs. Yeah there are a few bad apples but I do remember you calling out my father in 09' RIGHT AFTER MY GRANDFATHER passed away and had to leave the funeral to get to the game. You think there wasn't something else on his mind he may have slipped up?  Think about how many times you have "called in sick" to work. Well they can't and they push through. This whole site is about putting people down who have worked hard to where they are and I am appalled anyone would think to do that even in a comedic way. How about I start a site that mentions putting AWFUL BLOGGERS on blast? I understand they are in the media and they are on nationial TV but try speaking second by second 10 stories up with a staff of people you may or may not trust to make you sound good. It is 2013, everyone needs to be better people and calling out "awful" announcing is fine in the privacy of your own home; but an entire website is just disgraceful. As a human being and someone who grew up with a father who has provided for his family and worked so incredibly hard for everything he has earned; I ask that you reconsider the things you say on this site. Would you like someone calling out your every mis-step? probably not. Let these people do their job and I will probably get an ear full by saying this from my father and his announcer friends but I am sick of people talking about things they know NOTHING about. Thank you and please take this as constructive criticism...

2 years, 3 months ago on Mike Florio and Jason La Canfora trade shots