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The SEC Network appears to make the assumption all customers use a large cable provider (AT&T, Comcast, etc) or have satellite TV.  How are the cord cutters and those who are served by smaller cable providers and cooperatives supposed to access the SEC Network?  I have one source of internet, my local telephone cooperative.  To get the SEC Network I would have to add Dish or DirecTV.  No bundling options.  I'm simply not going to spend that kind of money.  We've been without cable or satellite for over a year now and we're not going back.  The SEC Network needs to provide an online only option, no TV provider required.  I would happily pay for that as I happily pay for MLB TV.  

If I have no reasonable access, then I'll simply find something else to do with my time.

1 year, 1 month ago on Rumored Deal Between SEC Network/Dish Only One Piece Of A Major Agreement


I hope they don't screw this up and require you to have cable or satellite and not have a streaming option.  Like many SEC fans (1 gator, 1 tide) we have rural co-op for our internet access which means no AT&T, no Time-Warner and no ESPN 360.   A while ago we cut the cord and got rid of satellite/cable and we won't be going back.  We'd be happy to pay for over the internet access to the SEC channel especially if they will be carrying baseball, gymnastics, tennis, etc in addition to football.  BTW, basketball not required.  If we have to sign up for cable or satellite to get football, then we'll be doing something else on Saturdays.

1 year, 11 months ago on Bama AD Battle: SEC/ESPN “Pretty Bullish” On New Network


Bob Stoops was also the defensive coordinator at Florida under Steve Spurrier.

1 year, 11 months ago on Sooners’ Stoops: What’s The Bottom Of The SEC Done?


The day they start paying college athletes will be the last day I have anything to do with college athletics. The football and basketball players already don't represent the student body.  College sports will go the way of alternate leagues in pro sports.  If this does happens, I'll bet Vandy will take the high road and maintain the student athlete. model. That could be my new team. 

2 years ago on As Opposition To Stipends Increases, So Too Do The Chances Of A New Subdivision In College Sports