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 @MTHThe Magic figure to be active with that $18 million trade exception and an eagerness to collect assets and build for a long-term future. Of course, if the Magic want to get rid of some of those massive contracts -- they are surely interested in moving long-term deals for Hedo Turkoglu, Al Harrington and Glen Davis if possible -- they likely will have to give something up." The second paragraph of the article you commented on.

You don't even need to get anything back for Harrington. You're not getting anything for him as it is. You do have value in Davis, and I would not be surprised to see him go. I also don't think it would be a shock to see him stay for the next year. Turk will play through the year, the likely get cut. The point of the first paragraph is that the Magic have a large trade exemption. That exemption ends at the trade deadline. It is definitely thinking way down the road. If you try to build through the draft, it will be even longer, unless you hit that home run, and even then, it will take a while. OKC and Min have built through the draft. 3 years ago the Blazers were building through the draft, but that blew up in their face with injuries. If you build through free agency, you need cap space. The results should come along quicker, but first you need to get the guys to come to Orlando. What you need to avoid is becoming a middle of the road team. Being a fringe lottery team/6-8 seed playoff team does you little good. Clear house and let the kids learn, or clear house and get cap space. Either way, you won't have the long term contracts in a perfect scenario. 


If your the Magic, you almost don't worry too much about the fan base. You have a beautiful new arena. Your the only game in town as far as professional sports go. The fans will still come along. They know where the team is right now, and the Magic have never been very bad for very long. 

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 @MTH No way the Magic take on Cousins. He might be like Z-Bo, but you don't want that guy on your team till he's close to 28. Plus Dan Fegan, he doesn't have fans in the Orlando Magic ownership I'm sure. And if your the Kings, who do you want on the Magic? You're just selling for pennies on the dollar. Not when you still have control of Cousins for 2 more years. 


Redick, if he moves, will be moved for future prospects for sure. Derrick Williams is a name constantly brought up. You don't just ship off Redick for simply a draft pick, and he is more valuable to a team in contention as instant offense off the bench, as opposed to just another piece to rebuilding. A losing team would rather take a shot with the draft pick you'd be receiving. 


Orlando is a team on the rise right now. They play hard every night, and have talented young guys learning how to play the game. If you were to project the line up 3 years from now, it will be with lots of guys we have on the team now. Nelson and Afflalo in the backcourt. Harkless and Nicholson as forwards. Vuc as your center. Likely Redick as your 6th man. The guys you move are Turkoglu, who is only partly guaranteed after this year, and Davis and Harrington, who have 3 and 2 years left. 


The problem with Afflalo is that he isn't nearly as marketable as Redick. And while he plays very hard and really well, he doesn't create shots for anyone else. I do like his fit, but this team as constituted will need to make a move eventually. You will need to upgrade over Nelson within a year. Most small point guards don't stay in the league and successfully compete past the age of 30, but he'd be great coming off the bench. What they really need is to get lucky in the next two years and find a difference maker in either the draft or free agency.

2 years, 2 months ago on Early trade deadline musings | January | 2013 Articles