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Everyone must understand one more thing before “Nullification” becomes a juggernaut.  Because the Federal Reserve could not, Constitutionally, operate in the several States of the Union or force private commercial paper (Federal Reserve $) upon the United (Union) States or its Citizens, it, in treason with the BAR associations (which are controlled by the international bankers and pretend to be Judges), created the Buck Act STATE OF OREGON, also known as “OR,” and a trust account for each United States (14th Amendment) citizen.  Therefore, when they bring action against “Hank Albertson” or “HANK ALBERTSON” at Lakeview, OR, they don’t mean me in the 33rd Union State of Oregon.  Consequently, the ultimate “Nullification” would be resumption of the Union States (Article 4, Section 4) with prevention of involuntary federal areas, zones, territories, corporations, fictions of law and 14th Amendment (United States) citizenship, i.e. “this state,” “in this state,” and HANK ALBERTSON at OR.  Then, 2nd Amendment, weed, income taxes, etc., become a moot point.  Numerous times I have asked county, state and federal ‘authorities’ to confirm or deny that they are the originals, as identified in the respective constitutions.  They have always refused!!!!  Additionally, I haven’t paid income taxes for 20 years and IRS has recently (fraudulently) stated I am current with them.  Further, as a PTSD rated combat veteran of Vietnam, ‘United States’ refuses to make disability payments (that they already deemed owed) to me, the living man, on the land of the 33rd Union State of Oregon.   Therefore, when it comes time for the Supreme Court to adjudicate Nullification, unless the Union States are resumed, it will be prohibited.

2 years, 3 months ago on 2013: The Tenther Movement Hits its Stride