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I know this is old news at this point, but, for me, the Mike Chang bits were the highlight of the episode (My favorite of the season so far, wonder why, anyone else notice how little Sue there was? Hmmm). What I like about Glee is how it caricatures the high school experience and creates idealized outcomes. It's like those little moments of grace I remember during high school with singing and dancing and happy endings.

3 years, 4 months ago on Glee "Asian F" Episode: Truth or Stereotype?


My vote is for slutty frozen TV dinner. Your post inspires me to ask... I am a non-Asian with thinning hair who enjoys gardening and is concerned about sun exposure. I have looked at the dǒulì (copied and pasted from Wikipedia's article on conical Asian hats) while shopping at the Chinese market and thought it would be a comfortable alternative to a floppy yet binding straw hat. If I wear one for its intended use because it's functional and comfortable is that racist?

3 years, 4 months ago on The 8 Most Offensive Asian Halloween Costumes


@Reechard Thank you. Grandma was tired and anemic. Which are both common in the age group most effected by stomach cancer so it masks the disease. After treatment for anemia did not help they started doing more tests. Eventually they found traces of blood in her stool (I am told it looked normal, no visible blood) which led to checking out her stomach. By the time they found the cancer it had progressed to stage 3. This is the problem with stomach cancer, there are often no symptoms until it's too late.

3 years, 8 months ago on Pickled Vegetables Like Kimchi Put Asians At More Risk For Cancer


After my grandmother was diagnosed with stage III stomach cancer I did a lot of research. I found that the mortality rate is higher in Japan and China. The five year survival rate is also higher in Japan due to regular testing and early detection. Her oncologist mentioned her cancer may have been connected to eating preserved foods. Grandma pickled and canned anything that could be pickled and ate pickled foods all her life. Stomach cancer it treatable and survivable. Early detection is the key. I guess if one eats a lot of pickled foods it can't hurt to get tested just like going in for a prostate exam or mammogram. Grandma was very lucky and after surgery she was cancer free for seven years before passing away from old age. The majority of readers are clicking "SAD" but I am happy this is being talked about because it means more people might survive stomach and esophageal cancer.

3 years, 9 months ago on Pickled Vegetables Like Kimchi Put Asians At More Risk For Cancer


@TinaTsai @A_Lee My Iowa grandparents also ate cow tongue, hogs head cheese, and yes, chicken feet... grandma pickled anything that could be pickled... lemon jello with shredded carrot and celery was also common on the table... My mom claims her favorite part of eating chicken is the keel bone. The sad thing is as the economic situation of my grandparents improved many of the food traditions were let go to adopt the middle class ideal. I think too much was let go.

3 years, 10 months ago on Natto: Food & Cultural Identity


Ms. Butler manipulates information to sell her cause. Though she includes the 8Asians penis article in her blog it is nowhere to be seen on the petition page. Why the omission? Would visitors to the petition be less inclined to sign if they knew 8Asians also did some myth busting on race and penis size? Her attempt to connect the 8Asians article to rape, sex trafficking, child trafficking, and domestic violence is shameful. Shame on her for for doing that. (For more on this tactic Google "daisy ad")

It is especially ironic that Ms. Butler writes about the dangers of perpetuating stereotypes when the fourth paragraph of her blog post concerning 8Asians "All of us are hurt when young by not getting enough closeness..." [] does just that... without citing any research.

3 years, 11 months ago on Open Letter to Shiuan Butler, Author of the Petition Against 8Asians & Sexism


I worked for a retailer similar to Oriental Trading Company as a web designer and the party industry is full of ethnic/racial caricatures. Anything that can be generalized to a few key stereotypes and packaged into a party.






One item they have for "French" is a photo prop of the Mona Lisa. I guess it's French because it's in the Louvre... even though it was painted in Italy by Leonardo da Vinci.

Any of these "themes" should be problematic. One of our biggest customer groups was schools and teachers. People I thought should know better.

3 years, 11 months ago on Gift Companies and Mailings Offer Stereotypical Asian Party Favors


@HuiJun @john And neither of us are Norwegian bachelor farmers.

4 years ago on California Bill To Ban Shark Fin Soup


We need to get beyond culture to save it. I grew up in a fishing/logging town on the Oregon coast. Properly managed forests and fisheries are sustainable but people in these industries saw requests to change their practices as attacks on their livelihoods and culture. Clear cutting of forests effects salmon spawning grounds. Overfishing depletes salmon fisheries. The result is fewer fish and fewer people fishing. The culture is destroyed along with the fish.

What Danny_Ahmed said is true. Simply banning something is not the solution. Demand for shark fins must be reduced by changing the culture.

4 years ago on California Bill To Ban Shark Fin Soup


It's red and has a rabbit on it! And rabbits are the best.

4 years, 1 month ago on Giveaway: $50 American Express Lunar New Year Gift Card