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I hope Alabama and their fans hold themselves to a higher standard.  Show some class and forget this silly tee shirt business.  Let it be decided on the field instead.  As for the other SEC folks cheering against the Tide.  One should remember that all the SEC schools get a share of the spoils.  A Bama win benefits all the SEC schools, so perhaps you should rethink your stance.  If you hate us so much and can't bring yourself to cheer for us, then sit in silence, but don't cheer for Notre Dam just because you don't like us.  I'm a Bama fan through and through, but I will always take TN, Auburn & LSU anyday over a bunch of crazy westerners or darn yankees.  Nothing wrong with having a little conference pride! 

2 years, 1 month ago on Another Pro-Notre Dame T-Shirt Takes A Swipe At Southerners