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"and who many believe is partly to blame for the losses around Mt Gox"

really? I have not seen that anywhere. The only person blaming Bitcoin for what happen at Gox was Mark Karpeles.

1 year, 1 month ago on Newsweak: Once-great news magazine hypes relaunch by putting a man’s life at risk


You are excusing the press for being morons and trying to pass the buck to Facebook, who have nothing to do with it.

2 years, 4 months ago on What’s Facebook’s responsibility when the nation seeks to lynch someone on only a name?


They will never win over technies but there is a hell of a lot of business in SMB's getting on the cloud - the people who don't understand AWS or Rackspace

2 years, 11 months ago on No More Breasts, Elephants, or SOPA: How Warren Adelman Is Saving Go Daddy’s Soul


First, HBO operates independently of TW. Second, it is obvious that HBO are stuck in the previous century as they have a leader who refuses to believe in the Internet. Third, we don't know how much a streaming HBO will cut into core subsidized cable because nobody has attempted it, being stuck in the previous century and all, but the long term view, if you believe in the web, must be that the old racket is over and new internet users supplant old cable customers.


It comes down to the current crop of HBO execs not having the balls to be innovative and resting on cable income and denying that things are changin' 

2 years, 11 months ago on HBO Is Doing Exactly What It Should Be Doing


The user marketshare doesn't matter. When it comes to web services, Bing is the more popular search engine with developers. It is easier to integrate, is less restrictive and has many more features that Google Custom Search. Not to mention that Google has a habit of screwing around with web services both in terms of pricing, terms and outright shutting them down (as with the web search API) - while Microsoft has built a billion dollar business on understanding what developers want and need.


There is no stand being taken here from developers, they are picking the better product. I recently did an image search integration and Bing took me 15 minutes to write and produced better results than Google (which was ridiculously restrictive). Now we can pay for the Bing service and run ads against it. You should have pinged Gabe from DuckDuckGo and asked him why they use Bing.

3 years ago on Dear Microsoft, Charging For an API is For Winners


Sad story. I can see the argument about fiduciary duty, but then at the same time there are companies that hold patents only for the purpose of defense, rather than as a mechanism to undermine potential competitors.

There are funds and companies that invest in startups that have this specific problem. There must be a way to get in touch with potential investors who would take the opportunity to challenge the patent in litigation. Patent hoarding and litigation in software is an industry unto itself.

I can't help but think that the round of financing could have been structured to cap legal expenses regarding the litigation to 80-130k. That would get you some way towards discovery and pre-trial, and towards negotiating a settlement. Most startups end up spending as much on legal fee's regardless. A combination of a cap along with a law firm that would waive the remainder of fees until a later date for cash, or having the remainder of their fees convert at the same terms, could work. I hope there is a good patent litigator out there who hears this story and decides to help you out.

The litigation would take years, and the company and product seem like a great acquisition target - since this type of technology will play a large part in the future of e-commerce. I hope a solution can be found.

3 years, 12 months ago on The investment that didn't happen