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As an AutoCad user on 3 PCs I would like to escape the dependency on Windows.

Migrating from WinXP to Win7 (a new PC) has been very disruptive to our workflow.

I am not IT trained., so I have spent about 4 months in my spare time, coming to terms with Win7 (We had to replace a WinXP machine)

Personally I prefer using the keyboard,  -- the concept of  Win8 smacks of dumbing down, where we are assumed to be illiterate and can only respond to pictures (like my 3 year old grand son) + poking at screens with greasy fingers is a time waster.

My tablet (a tool) is a boon, but the fingered screen (sweat and grease) inhibits reading data, especially outdoors.


We use PCs as TOOLS -- WinXP has been slick-n-quick since 2003 (and still operates perfectly well today on 10 year old PCs.  Security is not an issue because all PCs are stand alone.

I look forward to evaluating "ReactOS" with Autocad2006.


I am a patient man.  Come the revolution !!!



1 year, 10 months ago on June 2013 Project of the Month: ReactOS


I have huge difficulty with MS style of boys-toys with Windows dumbed down for the illiterate.

Have we approached a time where nobody can read one word and interpret its meaning?

I like my UI clean and simple to do "work" -- not play!.  MS do not give us non-players any choices, but MS feed off the "toys" approach to make money.

When I discovered Classic Shell" about 3 weeks ago I have been very impressed with the adaptability of Classic Shell.

And to have upgrades that are improvements not just adding 5 other ways to do one task (bloat) and call it progress

I am delighted with "Classic Shell" it gives me back simplicity,  Unfortunately CS cannot remove the inherited bloat of Win 7 but at least it gives me back a "clean" font end.  Thank you for a brilliant project.

(Autocad and MS Office programmer for serious professionals)

2 years, 3 months ago on Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates Upcoming Features