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Absolutely gutted, perhaps illogically so as per point 2, but 14-0 up with a D playing better than any Redskins D I've seen in my time (granted, not that long), and a back up QB who's at least 'competent', perhaps logic does suggest a different outcome. Absolutely spot on re:Shanahan needing to put the reins on an enthusiastic kid who's ready to run through brick walls when he really shouldn't be allowed to. Very disappointed that a man of his experience couldn't see/refused to seriously acknowledge what was so obvious to everybody watching, and that it took him getting perhaps even more hurt to finally act. 2nd and 3rd quarter time wasted, drives failing time after time for a very clear reason. As for getting fired, don't think that was ever likely, he'd already exceeded expectation by getting to the play offs, so that decision the persist with Griffin III was his call, wasn't going to get pressure either way, and simply got it incorrect... 'hindsight' I hear you cry... Great experience for all the rookies though, they will all come back stronger and wiser. Looking forward to hearing thoughts on who the skins should be looking at now...

2 years, 3 months ago on Redskins end playoff run with Griffin vs. Cousins QB controversy


Great blog. Novice UK 'skins fan here, been staying up 1:30-5am recently, a few unproductive Monday and Tuesday mornings at work, all in the name of keeping track of our fantastic run. Long may it continue. Great analysis, very informative... so we'll need more than a slice of luck then? Oh well, 'any given Sunday' as they say in them there parts. I'll be tuning in from across the pond.

2 years, 3 months ago on Washington Redskins Playoff Preview - A post five years in the making