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1 year, 5 months ago on The Best Break Up Advice You’ll Ever Get


Hi Lewis, I love what you've shared here. It's inspired me to write my own 2012 lessons which include many highs and lows. It's remarkable and amazing to me, how reading so many of YOUR lessons are like reading some of my own for 2012. Somehow we all have this notion that we're in it "alone." You feel like others can't relate; yet I'm reminded every day how my struggles are shared by many, and are far less traumatic and challenging than we believe compared to others. My big fear I wish to overcome is to not get overwhelmed with the many goals I've set for myself, as I work towards what people call "financial freedom." I have been guilty of taking on too much at once trying to conquer the world. Note to self "Slay one dragon at a time." Knowing me however, I'll still pick a few fights with others. Lol. My big goal for 2013 is to achieve the ultimate health and fitness goal that I've been "talking" about, and not pushing myself over and above once I've hit a certain level. Why? Because of others saying, "You don't NEED to. You look fine." Allowing the praise of others, dictate my fitness goals has only caused my own disappointment in the past, for not getting to where I wanted to be. I'm with you on making 2013 an amazing year!! Day 1 was already more than I could have dreamed for. #crush2013

2 years, 3 months ago on Top 10 Most Important Lessons of 2012