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@DaveAtNORTHFirst off, thanks @DannyBrown for the clarifications, but they were unnecessary, because who gives a 3-legged Dutch rat's ass about who was first? Is this serious or are you just listening to a lot of Kathy Mattea, Dave? I can't tell if you're thinking about this in the sense of being the first person on the moon or somebody who discovered a band before everyone else and therefore any new fans are all poseurs. Dear God, imagine if these were the rules and Facebook were only allotted one blog post written about them? You had the opportunity here of being excited that more people were writing about a cool product and helping Made By Many out, by supporting it, but instead you leave a self-serving, masturbatory, response.

Made By Many, who deserve a thousand more posts about Picle, will welcome them all and that's all any fan should care about.

3 years ago on Picle Lays Creative Waste To Instagram


Hmmmm now I want to channel Minor Threat and write a post. Once I have succeed I will then use Embrace as inspiration. Let's just get the Ian MacKaye, straight edge, train rolling. :-)

3 years, 4 months ago on The Waiting Room: An Homage


Wow. Two days. Two posts. Two comments. I am desperately trying to earn my Old Style and Vienna Beef points Gini. Now onto the show.

I don't see the agencies dying per say. A smart agency that specializes in trend warfare will adapt and move onto the next hot thing and continue until it's bored or they run out of money. On the other hand, those that stick with SM best focus on the long tail. The big time money is going to dry up as these tasks are either brought in-house, as a specialty, or made into components of many employee's job description. It's not that they're too busy to do it themselves, but rather they're not good at it yet. Once they grasp how easy it is they'll realize it's best to have a culture of SM. [SM specialists/experts/ninjas don't be offended by me calling your world easy. It is. In fact the only thing deemed difficult is understanding human behavior and being able to move out ahead of them in order to cast your nets.]

The long tail comes into play when the agencies find a tremendous amount of business from the SMB market. SMB owners are definitely too busy and typically don't understand any of this, especially if the business is home heating services or taxidermy. Why else are small web design/development shops still in business? That turned into a commodity business real fast and SM is much further along, because everyone is a little bit smarter with interactive than they were in 2001. As long as your ego can deal with the fact that Pepsi isn't knocking on the door anymore, but instead Big Ralph's Cheese Emporium then you're in good shape. If you don't see that then in two years you'll be working for a community based healthcare daily coupon firm. 50% off of a Lyme Disease test at Walgreens!

3 years, 11 months ago on The Extinction of Social Media Agencies


Awwww crap. TYPO in the last paragraph. Damn and I thought I was typo free. NOW I won't sleep for days over this. I need a drink. @MSGiro

3 years, 11 months ago on The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind


Molli I think you're being too nice. Not nice to Gini or Gino or whatever the heck auto-correct chooses for her name, but rather to entrepreneurs as a whole. We aren't "nice" people. Before an entrepreneur, which I am a member of that club, worries about mountains and falling and whatnot we deal with the creation of a defense mechanism to our arch enemy NO. It's the word we hear the most and it comes from all over; friends, family, customers, vendors, hot dog vendors, random internet haberdashers who make stupid comments on blogs.

Once we develop the immunity, which includes a serious amount of soul searching tied to self-doubt, we create an absolutely maniacal personality that will destroy anything in our path. It's not an anger thing. It's a we know where we're going thing. As a result we offend a lot of people along the way. It's impossible for anyone to truly understand us and to comprehend our vision. Every single instance is different and it takes a serious skill and amount of bravery to want to hop on board.

While worrying about developing a product and/or service you realize you're depleting funds. Some are lucky to fund raise. Some have to spend their life's savings. I've had to do both and I have the luxury of combining it with being married, having kids and a mortgage. There is no worse feeling than having to look into your wife's eyes and say "I'm not getting paid for a while" when she knows how much you are worth on the open market as an employee, but you know that's a major problem. You go so long as an entrepreneur that the only person who will want to hire you is another entrepreneur or at least that's the only type of person you can relate to. Most traditional firms don't see value in paying big salaries to maniacs who have trouble with NO. The only one's who do are the type that just acquired that person's company and rolled them into the staff for a while.

All of this comes before you make one dollar. Think about that. It's insane. We're insane, but we're wired differently and we love it. That's the difference. We LOVE it. Personally I go weeks where I barely get anything close to consistent sleep. It's not because I'm working, but rather just laying in bed thinking and thinking and thinking and being unable to shut off. It's not healthy, but in my eyes I'll make up for it after I succeed.

Lastly, you end up being "married" to the start-up for so long that your motivation goes from "I want to do great things" to "I can't went to break up with her and I will do anything to get there". How's that for attitude? I think every entrepreneur needs to hate their business in order to make it truly succeed, because it has caused so much misery, so much heartache and so much stress that you need the inspiration to go to great lengths to make it happen.

Now who wants to be an entrepreneur?

3 years, 11 months ago on The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind