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I wonder if Marino's reputation was hurt by his illegitimate child news coming out last year.  I certainly didn't care, but I wonder if some CBS exec panicked.  I thought he did fine, especially when he would interview current players like Brady or Peyton Manning, who obviously respect him and it led to a more honest conversation.

Sharpe was fun, but his speech and stumbling over words made it hard at times.  He was good when he was speaking personally about someone currently in the NFL (Mike Shanahan), but other than that he didn't add much.

Bill Cowher is my least favorite of that crew, but he's a Super Bowl winning coach (and a former coach, period), so he will probably get a lot of free passes.  He doesn't articulate his points well, and reminds me of Joe Montana's doomed stint on NBC in 1995.

Boomer Esiason is my favorite because he's abrasive and gets snarky when a player does something wrong (Ndamukong Suh).  His stuff doesn't seem as fluffy.

I always watch CBS over FOX and their laughing brigade (Terry Bradshaw acting like a southern idiot is the WORST), and I'm interested to see what Tony G. brings to the table.  I'm assuming he will be like every other current player they bring in on their team's bye week - stiff, sticking to talking points like "play hard" and "winning attitude", and spooked of the camera, at least for a while.

I would prefer that these shows have actual football analysts who look at the game itself, like Chris B. Brown (Smart Football) and Pat Kirwin (Take Your Eye Off The Ball), instead of former players and coaches that they think the audience wants because they played the game at one time.  Remember that debacle when they were trying to fill time during the blackout at Super Bowl XLVII?  Maybe if you had actual smart football minds who can quickly find things to talk about (instead of Bill Cowher needing intense prep of what to say), it would be more beneficial to the audience.

1 year, 1 month ago on Tony Gonzalez in, Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe out at The NFL Today


This is probably the best situation (media wise) if he was going to be on an NFL roster.  No one will be expecting/wanting him to replace Brady, and Belichick isn't going to give the media the TMZ access that the Jets did.  I remember Ochocinco, Albert Haynesworth, Randy Moss, etc were all high profile, high media players and they just became one of the 53 in New England.  No one cared that Ochocinco was playing in the Super Bowl two years ago.

Sure, ESPN will still report what Dunkin Donuts he ate breakfast at, but I think things will die off when Brady keeps throwing for 3 TD's a game.

1 year, 9 months ago on God help us all...


Well, get ready for 10 more Cowboys primetime games next season.  I have never seen a regular 8-8 team get so much attention.

2 years, 3 months ago on Cowboys-Redskins draws best NFL primetime rating in 15 years