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@1043Chris @MrBill11 @SedanoESPN Well, if AT&T and DirecTV get the merger approved then that'll solve the sports content situation. Anyways, NewsCorp can spend a lot of money to prop the networks up for a couple more years. Once 2015 rolls around and Fox Sports can start rolling out all the new rights and probably will secure Tier 1 or 2 rights for the Big Ten and the possible Saturday Package from the NBA, they'll be fine. Once the MLB playoffs start, Fox Sports 1 will start seeing the payoff on their investment.

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2015 & 2016 will be a big year for Fox Sports, they will end up with some rights for the Big Ten since they partner with the conference for BTN. U.S. Open for Golf, MLB Playoffs, new MLS package, Pac 12 & Big 12 football, Conference USA sports, Big East sports and I'm sure they'll try to get into the NBA game. Combine that with Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League and US Men's & Women's soccer (Gold Cup & World Cup) should let the network build a profile heading into 2020, I think bringing back UFC will be essential to the network also.

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DirecTV could bid on the Anaheim Ducks & Los Angeles Clippers contracts, don't forget that Chivas USA will be rebranded next year and have their rights up for bidding and I believe the LA Kiss will too if they come back next season in the AFL. 

DirecTV has 3 RSN's in Root Sports Northwest, Rocky Mountain & Pittsburgh. If they snagged the rights to the Ducks & Clippers, they'd have a core to build on and could pick-up Chivas USA & LA Kiss in the process along with San Diego Chargers programming. Call it Root Sports West.

If you're Time Warner Cable, you purchase the rights to the Anaheim Ducks and place them on Time Warner Cable SportsNet with the Los Angeles Lakers, and it allows Henry Samueli to put games on his KDOC-TV channel he owns the in LA/OC area. Time Warner Cable can also produce programming like Backstage: Ducks.

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I read somewhere that they floated turning ESPN Classic into ESPN W, if you make female centric viewing with female minded shows, I could see it working. I think the simplest move is rebrand it ESPN 3 and then just the internet version of ESPN 3 to ESPN Live or something. I think ESPN found a way to fix ESPNEWS, but still probably has its trouble.

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I'm curious if Cris Collinsworth & Phil Simms are also out at "Inside the NFL". Simms made a comment on the last show to Collinsworth about him not returning. I know Michael Lombardi will return as the leagues insider since LaCanfora was a complete failure.

I suspect if Simms is out because of Thursday Night Football and Collinsworth because he works for NBC, then I suspect the new team will James Brown, Tony Gonzalez & Bart Scott with possibly one more talent addition, maybe it'll be Michael Lombardi. I wouldn't be surprised if it's James Brown, Phil Simms or Cris Collinsworth with Tony Gonzalez & Bart Scott who I both think are going to get added to the popular show that the "pro's watch".

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I think Brad Nessler makes the most sense. Good veteran, distinct voice and extremely professional. I hope Chris Fowler stays on College GameDay but if he leaves for another network, you can't blame the man.

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I think they should keep Olbermann a half hour and have Michelle Beadle's show right after it. They just need to find a solid time slot for both programs so they don't get pre-emptied on ESPN2. Maybe do what they're doing now with Olbermann about 6PM ET with Michelle Beadle to follow at 6:30PM ET.

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I think ESPN on ABC will win the Thursday Night package, then they'll give ABC one of the wild-card games with NBC, it was speculated that ESPN was going to get a wild-card game. It makes more sense if it's ESPN on ABC.

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I think Turner Sports will win the package as they get the first 8 games for NFL on TNT and literally once it ends, the next week the NBA on TNT season begins. It would be perfect for Turner Sports to add Thursday Night Football for TNT.

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CBS Sports Network is going to land the NBA package in some form and I think they'll partner with Turner Sports to get it secured. They get the NBA then they become a big-time sports channel, and NBCSN should try to get the first half Thursday Night game package that the NFL is about to put up as they keep the 2nd half of the package for NFLN and try to get a Wild Card game for NBCSN like ESPN is getting one this year. NBCSN also needs to keep the EPL & MLS products as soccer is going to boom in the States over the next decade.

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Didn't really think of this until now but beIN Sport USA is a Qatar owned channel in the U.S. just like Al Jazeera America which both channels are by the Al Jazeera Media Network in Doku, Qatar. This may be the plan for them to get carriage in the United States for both their Sports & News channels in the United States.

If Fox Sports Media Group voids the deal with FIFA, I'm sure a Qatar owned big business corporation like Al Jazeera Media Network is ready to support (fund) a winter FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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@Giantsfan1982 ABC only airs about 15 games and remove the rest to ESPN for a Sunday "Special Edition". The NCAA relationship that CBS Sports & Turner Sports helps them greatly in the upcoming negations.

Unless they're blown out of the water bid by Fox Sports for everything. I think Turner Sports will keep the TNT package, it's the current ABC/ESPN package that is up for grabs.

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I seriously think that the ABC/ESPN package to the NBA games will go to CBS/CBS Sports Network and Turner Sports will re-up their package. After that CBS Sports will have that prime package to give reason to get more subscribers for their network.

With ESPN cutting back on workers, I think they're going to let most of their properties walk and go with cheaper content like college sports. ESPN's bread and butter is SportsCenter and they should just stay focused on that right now. College Sports is everyday and it'll be easier for ESPN to put live content up. Let the other 3 overbid for everything and let the Sports TV contract bubble, pop.

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BYU & Cincinnati would be my best guess if the Big 12 expands. At the end of the day though, I fully expect the Big 12 to die once the GOR is over or if an offer comes from Pac-12 & ACC that's too good to be true.

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Honestly, I think CBS & CBS Sports Network will get the ABC/ESPN portion of the contract and Turner Sports will re-up the TNT contract. CBS Sports Network needs inventory and the NBA would provide the eyeballs and subscriptions needed. But NBA left CBS for NBC and NBC for ABC/ESPN, so you could expect Fox/Fox Sports 1 to get the next deal. I'd be shocked if Turner Sports lost there contract.

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Texas A&M's move to the SEC was a brilliant move by them, they are now in the best conference in the country (I live in Los Angeles and was basically raised here though I was born in Houston, Texas.) and a decade from now could become the premiere school for recruits since the SEC is where the exposure is. It doesn't mean you'll end up in the NFL as surprisingly, lower-tier schools produce a lot of talent for the NFL. Though, the great thing is the kids will get a great education as A&M is a great academic school and they'll get the most eye-balls on them if they are trying to pursue a professional athlete career. Johnny "Football" is already a household name now because of the SEC and the dude probably will never sniff the field when an NFL team drafts him 5th to 7th round in the draft or possibly has to sign as an undrafted free agent. But A&M did themselves well and Mizzou was lucky they got an offer to a conference they really had no interest in. I still say the SEC should've went with West Virginia, cable-houses be damned because they usually produce a competitive and gritty team each year even though this one wasn't that good for them.

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I honestly think that the SEC is going to end up adding North Carolina and N.C. State, I think government big-wigs won't allow one of their state universities be left out in the cold. Duke, they could care less because it's a private university. In the end, Silve will probably cave and go with N.C. State over Duke as North Carolina is the big catch and both universities have pretty good football programs for basketball centric schools.


It really comes down to the Maryland exit fee and I think they'll be able to pay less in the end. After that the ACC is primed to be poached by the Big XII. They'll go Clemson & Florida State first since that could get them to increase TV rights. After that I would assume Georgia Tech & Virginia Tech would be next and I would assume Duke after that. Then the Big XII is now the Big XVI. I think 16 team super-conferences is the future.


The funny thing is the Pac 12 will get weaker because of this because they don't have many choices, Colorado State is a natural choice, good academics and investing a lot into the athletic department right now. At that point, they'll have Nevada, UNLV, Utah State, New Mexico and even New Mexico State as options. I seriously don't think Boise State & San Diego State are real options. Maybe, Fresno or San Jose State with San Diego State but not Boise State, I think Idaho or Wyoming would get a look by the Pac 12 before Boise State because academics does play a role into this.

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