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IoE has already changed my life. I'm using a Narrative for non-planned photography, Google Glass for hands free everything else. I'll be adding Nest for smart environmental controls soon.

11 months, 2 weeks ago on Taking on the #InternetofEverything at @CiscoLive: Self-driving cars, longer lives and smarter cities…oh my!


I got picked as a Google Glass Explorer so I'll be one of the 8,000 getting a pair. I'm one of those budding filmmakers prepared to shoot the first Google Glass movie, as soon as Google hands over our devices. It's interesting how many people are excited by the idea. Certainly the 1st person view angle isn't new, but when you consider the augmented reality angle that Glass brings to the table, it can do a lot for the story, if Glass is part of the story as well. Which, in our case it is.

Here's more info on what we're doing:

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Unfortunately even agencies who say they understand this don't.

2 years, 11 months ago on The Rise of the T-Shaped Agency Model


Imagine this scenario:

You generally get a bunch of client that want Flash websites. You've staffed to have a certain number of Flash specialists. All of a sudden technology is changing and you're company is tasked with creating HTML websites. What do you do? Well, you fire most of your Flash specialists and start hiring HTML5 specialists. 

If, on the other hand, you hired folks that were generalists, those who thing in more holistic ways and adapt easily to new technology, culture, and user trends, you have a team creating a bunch of Flash websites who are able to pretty easily ramp up for HTML5 projects.


The hire/fire scenario that agencies are built on is bad for morale, it is bad for the bottom line (man hours in finding and interviewing new candidates, training them on your process, paying unemployment), bad for the industry, and bad for your company: Adobe and Apple made nice and figured out a way to make Flash work for smart phones, now you're getting a bunch of requests for Flash again. Oops, you fired all of those Flash guys who either changed careers, are working for someone else, or wouldn't work for you again (not that you'd rehire them, no one rehires layoff) and the ones that haven't worked for you heard you reguarly lay off Flash people.



2 years, 11 months ago on The Rise of the T-Shaped Agency Model


@MypctweakComputerSolutions Don't you just hate scumbag spammers? I know you're just sitting around in your apartment in Illinois with nothing but time to kill, but really? You only launched your site in February. Use more above-board techniques and have some patience, you'll get traffic.

3 years, 12 months ago on The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind


I thought this was going to be:1) Excited by the new idea2) determined to make it happen

3) deeply hateful at not getting funded


3) relieved to get funding

4) overwhelmed by feature creep

5) nervous about adoption

6) elated at explosive growth

7) confused as to why your board just fired you as CEO

8) depressed by the hand cramp from filing out applications for Starbucks

4 years ago on The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind


If you use your Twitter account as a channel for purely professional expression it might not be a good idea to slam a former or potential future client.

If you use it for purely personal (or a mix), I think it's acceptable to be able to express your self on anything you like. Though I'm sure we don't agree on that point.

As for expressing any negative feedback toward Eastern Bank: the squeaky wheel gets the grease (and perhaps a new account) but feedback, both negative and positive can help a brand or person learn where gone wrong or done right. Luckily they were listening (and hopefully their current agency or media buyer was listening) and will take your comments into consideration.

They just received valuable feedback on their media buy. Hopefully they'll put that in the ROI column of their social media budget.

4 years ago on Social media and responsibility