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Rereading this article now at the end of 2012, I wonder what everyone is thinking about the Missouri & A&M move into the SEC. There are lots of comments and statements made that both of these colleges might not really be fit for the SEC.  But I wonder how many people are gaging on their words now.  I believe that Texas A&M has more than proven that they fit in the SEC just fine.  Granted the two losses they had to Florida and LSU were significant, but as has been stated.  They had a freshman QB and the total loss in point combined was only 8.  Now we will all just have to sit back and see what happens in 2013.  Because Texas A&M while losing a number of seniors, will have a wealth of soph/Juniors on their squad then.  Oh yeah, they will also have a second year QB, who has already won the Heisman.  

2 years, 3 months ago on Was The SEC, Missouri, And Texas A&M Union A Smart Move?