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John, I enjoy your website for its in depth coverage of each SEC team and because you aren't a homer for any school or the league. But I didn't know stupid t-shirts created by a few moronic fans could push you over the edge so easily. How did the Alabama shirts that said "Hey Homeauxs" make you feel? Or how about the one that said "Bama tea bagged the Tigers"? And LSU has shirts claiming they would "rather shower at Penn State than than cheer for Bama". Did these shirts make you lose respect for these schools and make you ashamed to be a Southerner? Every school has some moronic fans and every school has had stupid t-shirts. Do you get upset at all of these, or does your over-reaction only apply to shirts printed north of the Mason-Dixon?

2 years, 3 months ago on Another Pro-Notre Dame T-Shirt Takes A Swipe At Southerners